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I saw a fox last night πŸŒ™

more doggos!! i'm a little late but i made these in celebration of national puppy day 🐢

shoutout to @emily.rasinger for the black lab suggestion :D

wanted to try to look after plants so i got these today and of course i had to name them 🌱

art trade with @indigosherlock! lineart killed me but at least i like the colors #fireemblem #pokemon

i'm happy for starlight #mlp #starlightglimmer #starlight

snek boi 🐍 #mitsuki

maybe i can sleep a little bit better now zzz πŸŒ™πŸ’€

pony doodle to relieve some frustration 🌟

i really felt like doodling but i don't feel like disabling flux so i used a color palette i had saved, hope it went well Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

my second piece for the doggo zine 🐢 i loved watching and reading wishbone as a kid


one of my pieces for a doggo zine 🐢

#repede #talesofvesperia #vesperia

some fashionable pokemon. their names are Buddypuff and Juno

#pokemon #pkmn #jigglypuff #raichu

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