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Madison Stewart 'PIP'  I’m Australian but when I go to Outback restaurants they think I’m putting on a fake accent. SURFING GUIDE TO SHARKS ⬇️

Today two sharks were killed for no reason other than an archaic revenge tactic employed by our uneducated government to gain political points out of a problem that can only be addressed with awareness and education. Today nothing was done to ensure the safety of people who swim in the ocean for the future, rather a knee jerk reaction at the hands of a disgusting separation between our communities and the wildlife we share the waters with. #BREAKING FIRST PICS: Three sharks have been shot dead in the Whitsundays after two tourists were mauled in the area within 24 hours. If you would like to know more about safety around sharks please click the link in my bio and download the Australian surfing guide to sharks for free.

Come find waves with me. Lombok in November. Link in my bio to sign up now. @supwildernessadventures 📸 @perrinjames1 #projecthiu

I’m good at finding shells and singing beach boys real loud. But that’s about it. #cantwaittobebackintahiti 📸 @perrinjames1

These fishermen are not my enemies, Despite what they'll have you believe. Our fear of sharks created a darkness over them; where genocide thrives. Then these people became victims of societies preying on the struggles on the third world, to supply the endless greed of the first. It is those that drive the demand... that deserve our attention. The fancy supermarkets that house the bodies of the last wild animals. the doctors that prescribe medicine made from their bones. The people so separated form the origin of their food, that they no longer question it. Those are the real enemies. So let this fuel you... but ensure your passion isn't misdirected. They are counting on us to miss the link. They are painting the enemy foreign and selling the product domestic I need you to reassign your hatred, and aim at those in the first world who are feeding greed, not the fishermen of these towns who are feeding families. It is not our right to judge their society, it is our responsibility to change ours. And no, It doesn’t get any easier. You just get better at documenting it. You also learn the people worth hating aren’t the ones holding the knife... but the ones holding the dollars. It’s day 7 of project Hiu, I’m heading to the fishing village now to discuss logistics with the shark fishermen and his shark fishing boats that we will be hiring to supplement his income and prevent his next catch. I think it’s important to not that this project may still fail... that there is so much I am yet to figure out. But also important, is that we stop letting blame and hatred dictate our movements, one person, one shark fisherman.. can make a difference #projecthiu

So I was meant to be in Canada right now, with friends who also knew Rob, for the premiere of his film. I couldn’t make it because I had this trip planned in advance... my first ever trip bringing outside tourists to the shark fishing boats... changing their income source and keeping shark fishing boats from fishing. I’m really sad I can’t be there, but I’ve been told, and I know, Rob wouldn’t mind, and he’s here with me too. #sharkwaterextinction hope the screening goes well, you will always be the world to me Rob.

Currently sitting with ten amazing people who came on my first trip open to outsiders, while they present their ideas to help with #projecthiu feeling so supported and amazed... thank you A team. Anyone can make a difference.

“Hell is other people” Jean-Paul Sartre

Stressing you out is my new favorite hobby 😂 @marktheshark #babygreatwhites full film in IGTV #hunterson #changetheworld

Counting sharks when I can’t sleep 📸 @perrinjames1

Are you ready team A? (Aka people I individually selected to suffer through my first customer trip to Indonesia) #indo #lombok #tourismVSsharkfishery #projecthiu #hiu

A short while ago I was home alone and feeling particularly anxious, this happens when I’m home alone a lot. I decided not to feel sorry for myself and that I would go and get some plants and start on the garden I always wanted. So I did and I came home and spent all afternoon planting them. Strawberries and hawaiian chilies right outside my door! I was stoked! When I was done it was almost dark, I was covered in dirt and mosquito bites. I went inside to take a shower, but I couldn’t. I was too scared to close my eyes under the water in shower. I couldn’t be in water alone in the house. Meanwhile film crews are expecting me to touch the ocean floor. I went to bed covered in dirt that night. This is one of many examples of how PTSD gets to me. I’m doing 90% better than I was only months ago, and for that I am grateful. But every now and then it shows itself. I can’t describe what it’s like to have a horror film constantly playing in your head, or to be scared like a child in situations of everyday life. All I can say is that being totally honest about what I’m going through has been my only outlet. At first I was ashamed and now I know this isn’t reserved for Vietnam vets but something anyone can suffer from. I thank my friends for getting me through this, I thank my mind for the nights I do manage to sleep, and I thank my ptsd for shaping me into who I am today. For a long time its been PIP VS PTSD... I feel like I’m finally starting to win. Amazing photos by one of my favorite humans @chloceann #ptsd #truth #ijustwannasleep #beyondblueo

This catch came of one boat. The fishermen are paid $400 each week at sea. Yet one of these sharks alone has fins that sell for up to $700 in Hong Kong. Say I had a few tourists with me, we go up to a shark fishermen, tell him to keep his boat out of the water for the next two weeks, and will pay him more than he’d make fishing sharks. He doesn’t have to leave his family for two weeks and he doesn’t risk prosecution of illegal fishing. Instead he is paid to take us snorkeling, surfing, sight seeing. Well that’s exactly what we did. You can watch this story unfold in my new film TOURISM VS SHARK FISHERY playing tonight @sustainablesurfcollab

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