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Madison Stewart 'PIP'  Pippy. 25. Aussie. filmmaker. Tech diver, could be a freediver but hates cardio my friends are sharks 🦈📹 Project Hiu ⬇️

When I grow up I’m going to be like you. #sharkwaterextinction

It takes a few hours in a plane to be totally separated from the world these days, almost like we didn’t earn it. Bye Tahiti 📷 @perrinjames1

“We come back from a fishing trip when the boat is full of fins, or when we’ve run out of cigarettes. These days we always run out of cigarettes first” - artisanal fisherman of Indonesia

Do you remember this scene from Sharkwater extinction? This animal isn’t swimming. It’s hooked on a line. It’s one of many sharks caught on @marktheshark charters out of Miami. It was like filming my pet dog being hooked on a line. How do you combat such a thing? In Indonesia I pay the fishermen to do something else, because killing sharks is survival to them. But what do we do about killing sharks for fun? Tap the link in my bio to see what happened a year after this shoot, and could potentially change the future for these animals (I hope). I copped so much backlash for my friendship with Mark but no one assumed it had a purpose.

Sharks were once nothing but bycatch here.
Then the shark fin trade came, like a virus.
And at the beginning of the 21st century... Indonesia was the worlds leading shark exporter of shark fins. THE FILM IS LIVE link in bio #projecthiu 📹 @perrinjames1 @markewang @gypseakristy @voodoochildo @fifiii_dong

Endlessly lucky for every second I get to spend in the water #Tahitibound #headingback #tahiti 📷 @perrinjames1

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed that about a third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction. The laws in Australia allow us to process, import and export shark fins. The whole shark must be brought back, which then becomes shark meat, or ‘flake’ and sold domestically. 2015 data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows Australia exported 3038 kilograms of shark fin products to Hong Kong. Illegal fishing happens as well. Once, a recreational fishermen in Australia was fined $7,750 after being caught with 3,206 shark fins suspected of being destined for the black market. Our trades are still allowing the legal export of shark fins, but Australians, if you suspect illegal fishing, including shark finning at-sea or shark catches beyond sustainable limits, report it via CRIMFISH on 1800 274 634 as for the legal trade, that is a battle we are still fighting 📷 @perrinjames1

There is nothing in the world like you perfect little fish. I really miss seeing you alive 📹 @perrinjames1

Walked post this wall so many times and obsessed over it and not once did I see Rob’s face in it. Can you see it now? Amazing work as usual @pangeaseed @seawalls_ @tristaneaton

I cannot sleep. 📷 @perrinjames1

We see it in the media and we panic and then a few days later the posts stop and we no longer talk about it because drum lines get removed. But the shark nets and drum lines have been in place on some of our beaches for more than 30 years... they haven’t been taken out... each day they act as indiscriminate destructive tools that came about because of sheer ignorance and fear in our society. Our inability to feel uncomfortable in the Wild means that our wildlife suffers. I can’t really express it correctly right now because I’m jet lagged and haven’t slept in two days but basically... shark nets are shit. Read why in the link in my bio... so proud of you @nicolemclachlanphoto for capturing these images for HSI and AMCS who are doing a joint shark campaign. It will lead up to a court case next year against the QLD Gov to remove the SCP gear in the GBR. LINK IN MY BIO TO HAVE YOUR SAY ON SUBMISSIONS

If we have health we really have nothing to complain about... except airplane travel, people always complain about that. 📷 @perrinjames1

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