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  Toronto. Gay & married to @td6595. Lover of all things Disney. Also, I've reached the limit of selfies only accounts, can't follow anymore of those!

Bicycle correctly locked VS not. Sometimes I really dislike large cities where people just take what they want, break anything they see, without a care of respect for others

Went back to the Toronto Comics Art Festival today just to to get this awesome comic book by @nycorudolph and @alexanderfinbow When Big Bear Invade is their answer to Hollywood ignoring our great Canadian cities in their disaster movies. These guys are pure genius. #tcaf #whenbigbearsinvade

In my heart and literally ON my heart right. ❤️❤️❤️

Destroyed the first one of the season. Signs of Summer.

I know not all dog owners are this lazy, and I realize that it being bagged is better than left in the open, but c'mon, couldn't that dog owner just extend their arm and fit the bag through the hole in the garbage receptacle?? It's less than 1 meter away. #ishakemyhead

60 yrs ago today, this beautiful couple said: "I do". I miss them both but take consolation in thinking that they're now reunited. ❤️❤️❤️

Finally. A little slice of blue skies.

The kitchen table has gone Golden Girl Realness

We've arrived a touch early for GOTGvol2. More time to enjoy popcorn I guess.

When a cheesy ballad from your youth start playing at the break of dawn in your local grocery store #airsupply

All I wanted, all I desired, all I wished for above everything during my visit to #epcot this past trip was for a picture with the Chip 'n Dale topiaries. And what do I do? I absolutely forget to give my phone to the photographer 😞 Thanks to Rob and Darren for this treasure they sent my way. What an amazing day it was too.

Today would've been my mom's birthday and I miss her terribly, but like my father and like Ted's father, we choose to remember them on their birthdays by doing something fun or quirky that they used to do or love. This is the one I've chosen for my mom's special day. Such a throwback to my youth, I can easily visualize ourselves sitting outside on patio chairs enjoying this little Quebec treat. Miss you mom, I raise this glass for you. (There is sound on the video and I cannot stand my recorded voice, I hope you can. Brrrrrr.)

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