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Sharifah Eleen Al-Baity  23.KUL 📩 Owner of @icekepallaku 🍨

Happy weekend 🤔 #Saturyay

Right now, where I’d be thinking how I got to be so damn lucky to have met such a beautiful person like him in my life. They say, I must be grateful for guy like you, is hard to find nowadays. You never possess any control in my life where you’re letting me breath, freely, living the life I always wanted to live. You understand me the most. You don’t do jealous(tho it honestly drives me nuts most of the times) but I don’t mind anymore for your trustworthiness is what keeps us together until this moment. Tho i never seem to understand or trust you but you’re both so strong and kind to fully understand that. I’ve grown to learn that money can buy many things like peace of mind, comfort, status, and anything that you could ever think of except for happiness. My happiness comes from you, mostly. I wish to be someone like you, who talks less but listen more, who works hard and play less, who always reminds me of the future and never be satisfied with the present, who encourages but never surrender, and who loves me unconditionally and selflessly. You’re too amazing to be true. I’d crave for your positivity. You’re one in a million baby. You’d correct me if I’m wrong. Your love endures the true hardship yet you never surrender. I wasn’t looking for anything when I found you, and somehow it made me question myself, was I ever ready to be loved again. Ready or not, here I am, loving this perfect guy Ive ever met in my whole life for 8 years now. I don’t think anyone is ever ready for love, but you make me feel alive again and it’s kinda worth the risk. I have him. I have that guy that would sacrifice anything for me. That guy who genuinely scared of losing me. That’s him. That’s my boy. My love.

Selamanya anak #reformasi 💙 We love you DS Anwar Ibrahim 💪🏻!!! #pembebasanDSAI #BebasAnwar

Sampaiku menutup mata...💘 #favsong #always #tohim

When you’re not ready but the picture has been taken😌. Thank you for having me @sephoramy and I truly can’t wait for @prettysuci & @duckcosmetics to be officially launched in Sephora this May 24th💋 #sephoramy #sephoraya

My journey to discover the new @OMEGA Tressor Collection. The new Trésor collection offers a classic design with a truly modern edge featuring Kaia Gerber as the face of Tresor. “Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters, thus use it wisely”⏳. @omega #OMEGATressor #OMEGAmychoice 📸 : @allisamazing

Who would have thought that we have come to this far. We have been together for 8 years fighting true endurance and yet here we are, loving and stay for each other faithfully. Thank you for everything that you have done and contributed for all this time. We fight like we’re true enemies, laugh like a real best friend, and love like we’re forever soul mate. We both try our best not to give up on each other and alhamdulillah, I think we did great on that. Sure Allah is the best planner and soon you’ll be mine and I’ll be yours, InsyaAllah. I will never find the perfect words to describe how lucky I am to have you in my life. I live the life that anyone could have ever dream of and I’m so grateful that you’re a part of it. You make me the happiest girl alive, undoubtedly! Feeling unhappy and forlorn feels so unfamiliar now and thanks to you for that ♥️. I wouldn’t trade you for anything because nothing will ever replace you cuz you’re my source of happiness. I love you more than anyone could and ever will. I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when i am with you. My life has been better since the day I found you. Happy 8th years of loving each other my love💘 #roadto9years

Time to move on to better things 🙏🏻 #blessed

Running errands this morning, hope everyone is having a beautiful day ahead. 💋 #Monday

Akhirnya Malaysia memilih untuk ubah !! #PRU14 #inikalilah #ubah

Sape tak tidur lagi tunggu results SPR ni ?😴 #GE14 #PRU14 #inikalilah

Berakhirlah sudah.... #GE14 #PRU14 #inikalilah 🙌🏻

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