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Sharifah Sakinah Al-Khaired

Jumpa 4 tahun sekali . Dont swipe

can you guess what role I play play

Part 1 part 2 part 3 hindustan lah awak @amorizan ☺️
Believe or not I was 6 months pregnant with Anais during the making of this video. Tapi dah bersambungkan takkan nak tukar orang , sudah berconti😂😂Will you look at all the hindustanis scenes including the physical hempuk campak semua. Anais is strong just like mummy! Girl Power! We managed to hide the baby bump as well. I love you my hindustanis director @amorizan. The last shot was a genuine tear straight from the heart because it was freaking 5 am in the morning and I was still stuck in set 😭

Stay tuned for the upcoming continuity of this video PART 3. Coming Soon!

Maid yang hisap rokok tu ambikkan gambar

Dah bangun dan dah habis

Gotta catch em all!! Pokemon 🎼

Are damansare #backontrack

One week until one of the most beautiful seasons in new york .Fall is peeking around the corner! Thanks @ezzatiamira_ sukalah look ni tapi tak iron 😛

Mak anais

Upper east side ketemu bronx. Kakak baby and baby kakak @missfazura

Wubba lubba dup dup @tiksg #ricksndmorty

budak chowkit baru keluar @forbiddenplanetnyc . how many barang can I fit in my luggage. Setiap kali keluar masuk je jadi gila 🤪

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