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Adam Shapiro  Cheesesteaks Oreos goldfish milkshakes. Ogie in #WaitressMusical on Broadway 2018 Super Bowl Champion

It’s super difficult for me not to break into Seasons of Love in this moment every night.

Half of philly showed up at the diner today. Love my fam. Love the @katharinemcphee photobomb at the top. Love all of this. #WaitressMusical

Rebecca knows what’s up. #waitressmusical #jeopardy @sarabareilles

One final weekend of getting to do this thing with the absurdly talented and lovely @katharinemcphee. Congrats on an epic run, Kat! #WaitressMusical

#CookieThursdays review of #Oreo’s newest: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie:
This is a real powerhouse of a cookie. This Oreo gives zero f*cks if you like it or not. It’s almost intimidating to write a review of them. Unlike most peanut butter flavored cookies, that I find too peanut buttery, these are nicely cut with a chocolate cream that cuts down on the overwhelming PB-y of the PB Oreos. Also, a very crafty decision to go with Graham Cracker as the cookie (albeit unsurprising considering most Oreos that are ‘pie’ flavored come with a graham “crust”.)
Over all, these aren’t “once you pop, you can’t stop” cookies, they’re more like “once you pop, run and get you some milk” cookies. But what a satisfying run that will be.
OOR: 🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛1/2
CDR: 88.621
Shout out @stephenfeder92

Camp Harlam showing up at @waitressmusical in full force today! 😂😂😂😂 LOVE THE SIGN! @shiramichal
Cc: @rebsoff

Another epic week at the Brooks Atkinson. I’d say the theme of this week was: 8 Shows A Week is No Joke.
Katie and I both experienced what it’s like to get sick and totally lose your voice on stage, mid-show, mid-song, in front of a sold out broadway theatre. Turns out, it sucks. Like suuuuuucks. But what we experienced AFTER is the unforgettable part: the way the cast and band and crew rallied behind us. Keeping us positive. Helping to nurse us back to health. Having our backs. And holding us up. Reminding us to stay focused, to tell the story. It’s what I love most about theatre, about ensemble. It’s a band of brothers and sisters. And after this insane week, it’s a family I’m as proud to be a part of as ever. #WaitressMusical

Post show TASTE TEST. #TastyTuesday on a Saturday.
Today’s test: @lays
Wavy Bacon Wrapped Jalepeño Popper: Interesting flavor. In the BBQ family. The bacon doesn’t shine through unfortunately but the jalapeño is a nice touch. Good chip though. PCR: 68.
New England Lobster Roll: VERRRRRY INTERESTING. It tastes nothing close to a lobster roll LET ALONE A NEW ENGLAND ONE. But I got news for ya: it’s one of the best sour cream & onion chips I’ve ever had. It’s tangy and flavorful and I would eat them WITH a lobster roll or any sandwich really. Overall potato chip rating: 83.

Shappy. Katie. Flour.
Two shows today. Break out the Ricola Original Natural Herb Cough Drops that Naturally Sooth!

“Do you even lift bro?” Pre-show lift call.
Where the actors who lift other actors get to practice lifting the actors they lift.

Roof top shenanigans with @markfeuerstein. Watch 🎥 on his insta 👀

@ktqlowes, Albee and I are home watching! He’s so excited he pooped his pants! #LiveKellyRyan

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