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Shantal Monique  📍Los Angeles www.shantalmonique.com 👻 shantalmonique THIS IS my ONLY IG profile Business Inquiries click Email + Verified FB👇🏼


Woke up at 4am...hiked nearly 3.5 miles to shoot (see story!). A part of me wants to drive home and take a nap. But instead I’ll go refill my coffee and get busy. Who else could use another cup? ☕️

Californians: It’s only 65° better my grab parka, scarf and boots.
People from Washington: Omg it’s warmer than 60° degrees out! Immediately slips into bikini, shorts and flip flops to go soak up the sun.
Sadly it won’t be warmer than 45 when I travel home this weekend so I have to leave my bikini behind. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Hair, makeup, wardrobe, lights, camera.. Followed by sifting through images to find the 2-4 worthy of use, while the other 500-700 images get covered in digital dust. Edit, post, rinse & repeat. 🤔 📷 @calebchic

Football 🏈 then later fireworks and ringing in the new year! Can you spy my teams hat on the wall behind me?
This was my most liked photo on FB of 2017 and I realized it never made it to IG.
Happy New Year everyone! 🎆

Sometimes I fall and when I do I don’t always want to get back up. I can be so hard on myself about why I didn’t do something differently. But everyday is a chance to improve, a chance to be better and do things with more intent. So here is to self improvement 🥂
Special thanks to an A+ professional I feel fortunate enough to call a friend 📷@calebchic && Another thanks to @laseraway for keeping my skin looking it’s best no matter how I’m feeling 😉

I was fortunate enough to take a few days off to enjoy the holiday with my family. During that time I unplugged completely from work, all social media and my phone completely. All of which seem to mash together making it difficult to live in the moment sometimes. It really made me realize how fortunate I am to have those that love and support me. It also helped me reflect on the growth I have made in the past year as an individual. As the year is nearing an end.. I am embracing more new beginnings, change and the opportunity to continue to grow. 🌱

Good morning! ☀️ Some food for thought:
You are a _______.
People like you only care about ____.
You look like a ______.

You’ve probably heard a number of these maybe more, or maybe not. My guess is many more and that the criticisms have been dished out to you by both sexes. And we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we have never wrongly misjudged someone. It crushes me to know it’s normalized to criticize people based on how they look, what they decide to wear or really however we perceive them to be. You literally no nothing about someone until you’ve walked in their shoes and even then whose to say they were really the same. I want to live in a world where we look at each other with admiration and appreciate of our differences instead of pick one another apart. So next time you glance at someone....stop ✋🏼 and remember that they are another human being. An individual who has their very own story filled with love, and heartache. Practice being mindful and using your energy in positive ways. ❤️

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?! One of mine is giving a special gift on Christmas Eve which is usually new pajamas, hot chocolate and a game or movie (but it’s always exciting). I just finished my first round of shopping last night so I better get busy! 🎁🌲❄️ 📷 @calebchic
Lingerie @honeybirdette

It was 79 degrees yesterday. I slathered myself up, grabbed my sunglasses and ran to the beach to soak up the winter rays. ☀️
@ivivision designs glasses for men and women here in southern CA
Use my code: shantalmonique to receive 10% off

Fear is the only thing that limits us. We give it the power to control our lives yet ignore that the power is our own. I can think of countless instances in my life where I chose not to do something out of fear. Fear or letting go, fear of moving ahead and fear or the unknown. It’s simply impossible to know what choices will lead to what results. Sometimes we have to fall, other times we succeed. Regardless of however scary one step in any direction might feel at any phase in your life you have to decide because ignoring fears often creates regret.
📷 @calebchic

Good morning! ☀️ I am @kandymag December Krush! Download now from your AppStore for my 11 screen feature! Excited to announce a print edition will also be available soon. ☺️ I was actually in Kandy Magazine in 2012 but via submission from another state. I was fortunate to work with the amazing Kandy team for the December issue! 📷 @mikepradofoto 💄 @jenniferireneofficial

Surrounded by so much devastation here in Southern California I’ve found smiling harder lately. It’s easy to see other people’s losses, appreciate that they are not your own and continue on with life. Its easy to not really feel impacted by something unless it happens to you or someone close to you. It’s harder to really feel for others or to put those feelings into action. But actions are what we need the most to support and create change. Whether that means donating your money, time or providing supplies or resources. Every type of contribution makes a difference. See my story for ways to donate to the fires or google “donate to Southern California fires”. ❤️

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