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shan*:・゚✧  🚀✨👩🏼‍🔬


you don’t run the prison, they do
ac voidxgrimes / sc cartxons
for @beasmxth, did i actually finally make it!!1?!2?
#omgpage #wwpgrp [videostar]

i’ll take the milf, thanks😘
for karen / neistat.mp4
sc trinity [videostar]
my audio!!

it’s okay if this isn’t your lane... but appreciate my opinion

new-found love💝💗✨💖🤩💘
for ella & quan / @authoirty & @malachaismoans
#omgpage | [videostar]

we all know the real hbic😛💦
#omgpage [deleting later lmfao or maybe not now]

[style remake series 1/?]
style ib @thri1ft
#omgpage [videostar & cute cut pro]

cube ib xagbwishes & celestixl._
#omgpage [videostar]
tried this style again because you guys seemed to like it???

for me bc my queen
ac redhtae / [videostar & cute cut pro]

@victoriabeckham / posh spice
ac authoirty (edited)
#omgpage [videostar]
[sorry, im so bad at this style! but i wanted to switch it up a lil instead of my usual boring style]

🔞 🔞 🔞
my audio / for mo
[ phone edit ]




she cares so much for her little newt
audio ib: bansheercse
movie: aliens (1986)
#omgpage [videostar]

last video for a while of these two space warriors😩 coming up next

cute space mum & her adopted space baby
app(s)_videostar & lumafx
song_you & me by skrux
movie_aliens (1986)

get ready for this space mum and her adopted daughter

thanks 4 callin me skinny
kinda ib tragicheda
#omgpage [videostar, cute cut & lumafx]

btw this was the movie i was watching last night on my livestream

any1 ready for this queen?

i love this princess sfm / @carlagugino
my audio!
#omgpage [videostar]

i love this pouting princess

ellen ridley: a baby space mom
audio ib demoniclydia
#omgpage [videostar]

hey, this is my new-found love: sigourney weaver! i love her 70s/80s/90s work in the ALIEN movies as ell ripley 💘💓💝💗💖💕 [ps she is probably most certainly elevens mother in an alternative universe ;)]

the parts are really short bc i want this collab to be fx/creativity based! id love to have a spectrum of different themes and editing styles ;) _

part 4 [allison a]

part 6 [lydia m]

part 3 [elena g]

part 5 [cherry b]

part 2 [malia t]
UNDERRATED EDITORS COLLAB PARTS [to be confirmed, so don’t delete you comment bc I’m still looking!!!!]

join ma collab [next post]

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