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Sketch of an Elf, sitting on a big flower.

Scribbled this at a party, sorry dear viewer!

A cutie for #cutiesaturday !
Her name is Zeah! Work in progess a little bit.

#inktober 14: fierce.
Simple, but I need to get more practice with eyes.

#inktober2017 13: Teeming.
I like this character! She doesn't seem to mind glowy eyed bugs.

#inktober2017 12: Shattered.
Really liking this stuff! Copics feel so good to use lol.

#inktober2017 11: Run.
Found some great grey markers!

#inktober2017 10: Gigantic

#inktober2017 9: Screech!
Had to whip out the old Akira inspiration lol

#inktober2017 number 8, Crooked! I love little elf characters, and I need to draw more robots too. Mecha concept is stolen from the awesome @wyntonred

#inktober2017 6: Shy.
I should draw more mermaids!

#inktober2017 day 5! Ten days behind, but I intend to catch up! #inktober is so great!

A picture of somebody very cute and special to me.
The theme for day 5 of #inktober2017 was "Long" and I thought somebody spending a long time on their craft fit the theme.
#inktober !

Catching up with #inktober2017 ! Spent a little longer with this one to see if I could make a good Underwater looking piece. And I used WAY too much blue :(
But it still looks kinda cute!
Thanks for reading!

My third Inktober! Poison!
Was a little late with this one, playing catch up now :)
#inktober2017 #inktober

Sword kitty. #inktober #inktober2017

#inktober day 2 - Divided
I love cool monochrome shading! So glad I made it look good!

My first participation of #cutiesaturday , a Samus sketch with some inks and pencils. Yay!

Elf girl who was a dancer and then took up kung fu as the side hustle for justice

Working on my anatomy lately, woo!

My beautiful @tremblinglight as an Android from #nierautomata
Sketching in a lighter colour and then going over in black is really working out for me. Special thanks to my super awesome friend @flyinkoala for inspiring me to try that.

Finished a sketch I was happy with today. I copied a friend and sketched with Orange pen, then laid down lines with black.
Also, she's super cool and i wanna draw her more lol.

Her name is Radia, totally forgot to post here lol

Got a new sketchbook got Christmas, so I whipped up a quick sketch of @tremblinglight :) she's so great.

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