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Shannyn  Mummy, Mama and two sweet boys 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 💕 Adventures big and small in Melbourne...

Frog jumper courtesy of my mum, but made for my little sister 33 years ago. Still making people smile 🐸. Henry, lover of small spaces, making me smile everyday 💛

A map and a little sunshine...happy explorer 🗺☀️

Always climbing... 🌳✨

Henry’s face 🤨. You wouldn’t know he’d been up since 5.19 am, devoured sardines for breakfast, had an entire big amazing playground to himself for an hour and a half (because...early) and then been carried around by a tired Mummy. Thank goodness for naps 🌻

Teddy. Five years old. When I’m steady, you’re steady. When I’m tired and completely out of patience you definitely test me...but then sometimes you notice and say ‘just rest Mummy, I’ll make you a cuppa’. And then makes actually quite a good cup of tea. And the way he always calls it a cuppa makes me smile 💛

Teddy is completely loving the colour teal right now. He still wears this jumper (though it’s getting small and will be passed on to Henry next winter) and must have the teal plate at mealtimes. His other favorite colour is coral. I like your style kiddo 🌈💛

Cold sunny days 💛🐥

When you have a little sickie on the couch and baby brother has to climb in for cuddles and Mummy wells up 💛

Cosy as a little lamb 🧡. This adorable jacket belonged to Mama as a one year old. Still melting hearts forty years later...

Anyone else find it irresistible to take photos of their sleeping kids?? I often pop Henry to sleep in his cot then have a beautiful half hour (often longer because I love it) reading to Teddy in my bed and he will fall asleep there. I move him later so there’s no singing, bouncing big kid waking up the baby. But it means I get to just look at Teddy as he’s sleeping and I LOVE IT. I see his baby face when he’s asleep and any crossness I’ve felt through the day disappears. A part of our day that happened just to solve the problem of two littlies sharing a room, and now it’s a gift. Every time 💛🧡

How can this boy possibly be five already??! So big...learnt to ride his big pedal bike all by himself in about two minutes (and I cried ☺️) and possibly the most opinionated kid I know. But still little too - always snuggling close. Thank goodness 🧡

Sweet little faces amongst the flowers 💛🌼🌸

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