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Shannon Maile ❣  ✨ repeal the 8th ✨

This mirror is actually the cleanest thing in our student house right now 😪 Cheers @ray_hall06 for leaving your door open

I’m that bitch who says she wishes she lived in the 1940’s because of the hair and fashion without remembering the whole World War 2, holocaust, racism and misogyny side of things 👀

My instagram activity is such a clear indicator of my state of mind. Whenever I feel shitty I won’t post for over a month but then when I’m feelin’ myself I’ll be insufferable & post every 2 days. Idk what’s going on but I feel like I’ve had a shot of endorphins and I’ll roll with it for as long as I can, so hi again 👋🏼

I wish the dent on my leg in this picture was a photoshop error and not my thigh cellulite but ok

⚪️ retro ⚫️

Excuse me sir may I trouble you for a boob boop?

RIP to all the nips that’ve been affected by the Beast of the East so far! At least our landlords are all warm tho eh? ❄️🌨 #wrapupwarm

Erasmus year Shannon vs. Final year Shannon 💯💪🏼#transformation #thegrinddontstop #chinesetakeawaydietplancomingsoon

I’ve been studying Spanish for nearly 4 years and the only grammar that stays in my head is:
Tengo 21 años = I am 21 years old
Tengo 21 anos = I have 21 anuses

Refusing to smile or get my roots done until the housing crisis is over tbh

Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and sworn enemy @conordwyer2 💝 👫#TrumpHand

Will prob be posting pictures from this night for the next three years but I love a good family pic ❤️

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