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Shannon Magrane  "I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairytales." 🎧🌹🌙✨💎🔮 snapchat- shannmagz

Everything is wonderful when you take a moment to look up☀️🌹

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I never thought these words would ever be spoken but my Nana gained her heavenly wings. I am completely heartbroken but I wanted to share her passing story with you as I strongly believe is a beautiful thing. My nana loved the Lord so much...I used to snuggle in bed with her while she stayed at our house and every single night before she went to sleep she always made sure she said her "Hail Mary's" and "Our Father's". She passed on Palm Sunday, which is a very special day to her, and it's also a day that reminds us of our nana since she loved picking palm fronds and making crosses out of them. For the past couple of weeks, we hadn't been getting much of a response from her but just moments before she went, she opened her eyes wide, looked up to the sky, smiled SO BIG with tears in her eyes, and then joined my papa in heaven. Although I am so sad my best buddy is gone, my sis and I know that we both now have a guardian angel that we can always pray to and will always watch over us. We are so grateful for having such a wonderful nana who gave us so many beautiful memories to hold on to and so many italian recipies🙌🏼 we always laughed because her life was so based around food that while she is making dinner for Tuesday night, she's also thinking about what she's gunna whip up for Friday and Saturday night!!!.......she was a little SPITFIRE to say the least and my little sister and I loved to tease her because her reactions to everything were priceless….If you guys followed my snapchat you probably understand why we loved messing around with her so much....With all of that being said, thank you so much to everyone who loved my nana and made her feel so special....God was so merciful to her and her tears and smile just before she passed, give my whole family and hopefully you guys, so much to look forward to behind the pearly White gates. 💙🙏🏼 Rest in paradise my sweet nana. We love you so much and Fly free little bird🕊❤

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Chicago blues, delicious food, and this view make me smile🎹🎸🎷

Yea...what the sign said ❤🤘🏼#fridaynightlights #chicago

2017 Forest Hills Drive #JColeWhereYouAt
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Monday nights call for a bubble bath and a twirl on the turn table🎧🎶🌀

Just call me the ice queen🌬❄️☃️

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