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S H A N N O N ☀️ K O O K  Raised in S🇿🇦Africa 💫Aquarius 🎬The Conjuring•Degrassi•The 100• 🏆ACTRA Award ‘13 🎟TIFF Rising Star ‘14 🎤CSA Nom ‘15 Photo🤹🏻‍♂️Vid #thisisSHa

Team spirit
Bleed Blue 4-2

Walking like #Millennials with #PaigeTurco & the ladies who make us feel Diva Fresh, Lauren & Lindsay 💚

Congratulations to the #WuAssassins on
the big news 🎉💍🤗

“You can lead a horse to water,
but a pencil must be led”
- #SueMonkKidd
🎨@carolakodi ☀️
- 🙏🏽 #CarolaKodi

“When I was
in first grade, everyone made fun
of my name, of course.
I think it's kind of a big name to hold up
when you're nine years old. It seemed
goofy. I used to tell people I wanted to
change the world and
they used to think
~This kid's really weird“
— River Phoenix

Got to thank @danieldaekim for the example and trail he has set forward for actors of Asian descent. Things are slowly shifting and it’s thanks to the good fight, losses & victories of gentlemen like this one 🎩
Great to shake this man’s hand.

I can move objects with my mind
if I use my hands


I’m not one for guns really,
but I can’t say it wasn’t both fun and terrifying trying these monsters out.
Got my fix.
Best part of this week? @elizajaneface’s face after being the guinea pig with this gun.
You can literally feel all the kickback and your hair jolt back standing several feet behind the person firing. Posters even fell off the shelf behind us. These things are in movies so much it’s easy to forget how much power these things wield, and why they need to be respected

@elizajaneface @richardsharmon @sachinsahel @tasyateles @tatigabrielle

Some of the crew
supporting @crazyrichasians.
Laughed. Cried. CHEERED!
Stepped up my experience of the classic
#RomCom movie 🍿
If you’re someone who has a bone to
pick with diversity -
purchasing a ticket and helping leave a mark for Hollywood to notice will be money entertainingly well spent,
and not just sensationalizing the
#diversity movement ☄️
With mainstream movies like
#WonderWoman and #BlackPanther
winning the day - #crazyrichasians is a
fantastic next step. Changes. And not
just for the sake of it. The movies
were loved because they were
fabulous, and not just for being ‘diverse’.
Diversity is here to stay 🌈
Several cast members from
#wuassassins #deadpool2 #intothebadlands #crouchingtigerhiddendragon #quantico #blindspot #marcopolo #scorpion #warrior #siren and of
course #the100 all came together to
We hope you will too! 🌏
with love

The Tunnel
In theatre school, 2nd year was referred
to as #TheTunnel - we didn’t know
where we were coming from, and we
didn’t know where we were going...
A weird state of limbo
where one would stride in faith,
more so than knowing
1 week away
from shooting
#The100Season6 - Day 1,
and I’m finally starting to feel
like my head is resurfacing above water
moving into Van
and unpacking from Toronto.
Interesting timing too,
with Mercury officially exiting
Retrograde yesterday 💫
In this case,
I definitely remember where I am
coming from. It’s been a winding path.
And I am certainly walking into this new
chapter, albeit sporting some light
baggage on my shoulder😅,
with open arms🤗
and a bittersweet perfume of closure🌅
Go get yours this week.
No one will do it for you 🧚🏽‍♂️
Sending love

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