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hey it’s snowing like winter ❄️ but the colors are fall 🍁 it’s not so bad! #brooklyn

many thanks to @lesleymoon 🌙 for a lovely first in-person meeting ☕️ looking forward to learning from you and potential future collaborations 🙌🏻

Out with the old, in with the new! Swapped out my nostril hoop for a new septum piercing today! ✨ Super subtle. I’m in love. Here’s to letting go of things that aren’t serving you and trying something new. 😉 Also, loving that my eye wrinkles are becoming the cat-eye I was never able to make with eyeliner! 👁 🐈 #33
PS — thanks to everyone in my Instagram stories who shared insight! The piercing did NOT hurt. It was nothing! Highly recommend @adriancastillo at in NYC or LA!

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Share this with someone the next time they use their privilege to defend their complaceny. #privilege #feminist

I taught yoga for five years. One thing I used to tell students was not to focus on the person taking class beside you, but instead to focus inward on yourself. You were your only competition.
Last night, for the first time in over a year, I took class at the studio that I taught in for so long. It wasn’t until I was back in that room that I remembered the ways in which my teaching had evolved with time. At one point, I’d stopped preaching the gospel of “you are your own competition,” and instead encouraged students to treat their bodies with compassion and kindness, to meet themselves exactly where they were at in that very moment— as opposed to practicing to be better for next time.
I walked out of class, sat down in the locker room, and wrote this post: REVELATION: I am not in competition with myself.
I knew that before, but somehow I’d forgotten.
Once, while examining why I was such a perfectionist, I had a startling thought: Because if I was perfect, I would be free— from other people and myself.
There have been a lot of quotes floating around about not worrying what anyone else is doing, because you are your only competition. I even shared one. But I take it back. I think it’ll be a lot more freeing to stop competing with myself. Old me, future me, all of it.
The room where I taught yoga for five years is surrounded by mirrors. It is the backdrop of dozens of “progress” pictures. I have these pictures— with various notes on the diets I was in, my mental state, my weight,— in a special folder on my computer. Some of things I wrote about myself are appalling.
I stopped taking “progress” photos a long time ago. It stopped being helpful for me to constantly focus on the ways in which I’d be better/look better in the future. I have no goal with my body or my performance right now, in #yoga, in #powerlifting, #running— nothing. My goal is to live and be happy, and learn how I can make the world a little bit better for other people.. if I can. If that is possible. These are my true intentions.
I am not in competition with myself. I am not in competition with you.
[Excuse the potato that is this photo. It was taken in a dark room and then brightened]

#Repost @sarahsophief This how authoritarianism works. Trump is trying to distract us. Don’t let him do it. He is weaponizing a caravan of asylum seeking refugees (see @paolamendoza’s stories from the caravan) and driving a racist & xenophobic narrative about immigrants.
In the meantime, he is collecting money from the NRA and preaching hate and violence. He is emboldening the perpetuators of violence, the mass majority of whom are white men. The mass shooting today was at the hands of a white man.
There have been 307 mass shootings in the 312 days of 2018, yet this administration refuses even common sense #gunreform. This is all by design and the violence will continue, as it historically does under the rise of authoritarianism & fascism.
I’m no expert but it’s all connected. We’ve gotta multi-task.
Do not be distracted.
#keepshowingup #stayhuman #gunreform
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I’m not ashamed to measure and celebrate success in multiple ways. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year (swipe) was to learn how to pause and celebrate successes, instead of just letting the moment slip by.  This year, there have been a lot of accomplishments, including getting public recognition and sponsorship for @womensstrengthcoalition and growing our following to 10k in just two years. I believe fully that it’s ok to celebrate success— it feels really good— 💜 Don’t we deserve to feel good sometimes?

Let’s not get it twisted... these women aren’t pawns of their husbands or the system — they’re not victims of patriarchy here — that’s not why they voted the way they did. They knew what they were doing. Hold them responsible. Be angry. But surprised? At this point? #Repost @theguerrillafeminist
My fellow white women: in your discussions and posts about conservative white women voters, don’t fall back on “They’re just voting like their husbands.” That only further attempts to absolve these women from knowingly causing harm and not caring. I think the majority know exactly what they’re doing when they vote Republican. I wrote a few tweets about it and I plan to write more. This is definitely an intracommunal discussion that needs to be had between conservative and non-conservative white women, as it’s nobody else’s issue to fix except for white women’s. This also isn’t just a conservative white women problem. I think when us non-conservative white women frame it that way, we are yet again absolving ourselves of racism. That’s all i have to say right now. More later.
(And no, I’m not “surprised” by who voted for who, just super pissed)

Vote today, if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity. Showing up anonymously in a voter’s box to call for change is literally the least we can do. It’s private. It’s safe. It’s clean, quick, and simple. So after we vote today, we need to examine how we are going to continue showing up tomorrow. One of my favorite questions to ask myself: “How are you complicit in the realities you claim to despise?”
#womensstrengthcoalition #vote #showup #strongertogether #strengthforall

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