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Shannon Perry  Owner and artist at Valentine's Tattoo Co., Seattle, WA - @valentinestattoo #qttr // NO DMs ✨ dog @potatochipdotcom

the fam continues to expand. welcome, Ruby the mostly-chihuahua! we love u omg !! @jrflemingtattoo @potatochipdotcom #blest

for the lovely @ds_008, whose work you should check out, especially if you’re near Berlin! #tattoo #valentinestattooseattle #shannonperry

Abortion is normal, folks! In fact, chances are you know and love people who have had an abortion. When I was 19 I got pregnant, and was clearly not ready or capable of raising a child. I’ve never regretted my decision to have an abortion then, and now, at 37 with an independent business that houses 5+ amazing artists, i truly believe that none of this would have been possible if i had been a teenage single mother. Now I look forward to motherhood and the environment I’ll be able to provide for my future child when that happens. Please support reproductive choice for all!❤️ @shoutyourabortion #abortionisnormal

1996 💀

throwback to a rad piece I got to do in LA at @kanenavasard ‘s studio a little while back ❤️ #tattoo #shannonperry #valentinestattooseattle #secondskintac

@booboos.salonseattle givin me that 70s mom realness 💖

i’ve been taking some personal time to chill, repot my plants and recoup, but i’ll be back in the super sweaty summer hot @valentinestattoo drawing gemstones on all my fellow nerds soon. thanks for following me in instagram, all 79.2k of you! 😘 Let’s continue to upset the patriarchy together 💕

I’m 37 today, and couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by this amazing shop family!l 💖💖💖 @valentinestattoo 💖💖💖 thank u for hanging out with me, even though you kind of have to! 💋 #valentinestattooseattle photo by @ursulalarose

flashback friday to when i got to be all big on a wall 💖 mural by @weirdocult on @neumos_

an old fave! #davidbowie so i can say: IM SORRY IF I HAVENT EMAILED U BACK its summer and i am trying to relax some, but I’ll be back in biz mode soon. thank u for your patience 🙏🏼💕💋

anatomical Venus in progress, a couple more sessions to go ❤️ done @valentinestattoo #tattoo #shannonperry #valentinestattooseattle

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