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Not your desk chair, Spike. Although I do feel much the same today. 😴

Happy 13th Valentine's Day to my one and only. We've come a long way since cheap beer at 713 13th Street in Tuscaloosa. ❤❤❤

Let's do this, Monday! ☕️

When your favorite human comes home from school 🎉❤👦🐶

I got Rose this little snuggler dog bed to have next to my new desk area so I wouldn't have to keep dragging her big one in and out of this room. She was so unsure of how to get into it at first, but I *knew* once she figured it out, she'd be obsessed - there's nothing this dog loves more than a cozy spot to curl up into a ball! ❤ Currently snoring so loud it's vibrating the floor.

Alright, February. Let's do this.

Mommy gets a new office chair = kiddos get a new coloring fort.

I've worked at home nearly two years with a laptop and not much else. We *finally* appropriated part of the craft/laundry room into an office space for me and it's virtually complete! I'm so happy I could pee. No more cat litter in this room (we installed a cat door to the garage - y'all I got to cut a hole in a door, it was awesome), and no more dining room table + crappy chair, and no more constant neck/back pain!! Thanks to my daddy @etheridgea1 for the monitor, both dad and mom @hsvjean73 the Christmas money to equip the rest, my husband for the help and patience, and I can't forget @printtherapy for having patiently received a livestream of office updates over the last month... OMG. Finally. I'm a big girl with a big girl desk!


Being four is EXHAUSTING.

You cannot make this stuff up. #fatcat #tryasalad

You've never met a 5 year old more particular about her scissor quality + glue application. #typeA #craftersdaughter (Yes, we are making a Halloween scrapbook in January. It's a "holiday traditions" project for school of course my baby goth chose Halloween. 💀) #cutterbee #tombow