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While I've been waiting on some things to get done and people to get back to me I decided to work on something on the side, what do you guys think? I'm seeing full aluminum with steel spacers

Comment which one you would get so I'm gonna need to calibrate the printer with for this plastic, so I want to use the least popular color to do so I can make as many scales as possible

More tests

Alright the rambling video is up
You can find the video here

Birb approved

Bout to make a video talking bout my trainers, if you got any questions you want answered, leave em below and I'll try to answer them

White scales also exist

There is nothing more satisfying than flipping over concrete and not giving a shit


So a quick update...
Unfortunately I will be unable to have any trainers finished by the original planned date of the 25th
That of course doesn't mean I'm not still working on them, there have just been some complications with the manufacturer and things are taking a little bit longer than expected. But good news does come from this, I will be able to sell more on my first batch than I had anticipated. I hope you guys understand and I'm sorry for the delays.
You have a good one now
(⊃ • ʖ̫ • )⊃

Wait what's this? Different weighted spacers?

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