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Shanghai Girl  I eat a lot. Born in Shanghai. Lived in Philly & Ann Arbor. Go Blue! Now I am back in Shanghai. 🐱🍣🍷🍚🍜🍦🍔🍫📱✈️

Chinese congee and xiaolongbao breakfast spread plus Peking duck jianbing (back right) at Café Gray Deluxe at the new @themiddlehouse in Shanghai. The restaurant has a great terrace and lounge area for drinks. The rooms are tastefully designed with Chinese touches and the bed is REALLY comfortable. @themiddlehouse @upperhouse_hkg @templehousecdu @oppositehouse are all a part of Swire Group.📍The Middle House - HKRI Taikoo Hui, 366 Shimen Yi Lu / 镛舍 - 兴业太古汇石门一路366号. Also @sukhothaibkk is supposed to open next door. Shanghai hotel game is getting a lot of players. #themiddlehouse #thehousecollective #mystorymyhouse

I love rice, especially when there are tings over it 🍚. This one is bbq’d beef tings over rice with onsen egg. Da Fu is a bbq chain and opened an express version with grilled meat over rice bowls inside the Reel Mall food court (crowded counter seats so meant to be quick and easy meal). RMB78 for this - good value!📍Da Fu Dong - B2, Reel Mall – 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu / 大馥烧肉丼饭 - 南京西路1601号芮欧百货B2层.

China food delivery service is unmatched and saves Shanghai girls who can’t cook one meal at a time. I may not know how to cook but I can put in a fine order. Perfect Shanghainese meal: 菜饭 rice with salted pork and greens, 狮子头 “lion’s head” pork meatballs, 酒香草头 clover sautéed in wine.

In Shanghai. Turning back into a dumpling and eating all the shengjianbaos and wonton soup I can fit.📍Dong Tai Xiang - 309 Shanxi Nan Lu near Jianguo Lu / 东泰祥 - 陕西南路309号(近建国西路)

Only Asian people were at Momofuku getting soft serve and taking photos. And I was one of them. This soft serve flavor tastes exactly like milk after cereal has been in it. Have you watched @davidchang’s @uglydelicious yet? #shanghaigirleatsnyc

PETER LUGER. Don’t kill me but I like medium steak so if we eat a medium rare steak, I will eat the side and you get to eat the middle. Thank you. #shanghaigirleatsnyc

Chargrilled burger with Roquefort cheese and shoestring fries (USD$26 plus tax and tip). Juicy medium rare patty and slightly crisp bun were so good (plus the spiciest up your nose mustard, which you can ask for). To put this into perspective for those who think Shanghai is expensive - USD$20+ gourmet burgers are pretty common in NYC these days plus tax & tip - so appreciate what we have Shanghai!📍@thespottedpig - 314 W 11th St, New York. #shanghaigirleatsnyc

Ikura quail egg don @sushibybae. Omakase with bar style seating - only 4 of the seats are in front of and served by @oonatempest.📍Sushi by Bae - Jue Lan Club, 49 West 20th Street, New York. Book by text messaging +1(347)495-4221. #shanghaigirleatsnyc

Sushi by Bae @oonatempest is SO PENG. Our omakase dinner opened with firefly squid with miso sauce and went on to all sushi pieces (just how I like it) without any BS fillers, and finished with an ikura don. Aside from the toro and uni, there were also pieces like botan ebi with truffle salt and another fish ting topped with its own liver. It was magical.📍@sushibybae - 49 W 20th St, New York. #shanghaigirleatsnyc #sushibybae

Hip hop yoga with my @kimmtai In NYC!!! She did headstands and I could barely do warrior 3. Then we ate really healthy and delicious burrata tartine with daily fruit jam and sea salt, kale and roasted squash with miso tahini sauce, and Greek yogurt bowl, and kombucha @thewildsonnyc.📍The Wild Son - 53 Little W 12th St, New York. #shanghaigirleatsnyc

Seeking strong independent men to pick full bodied wine. I will order the foie gras.📍Le Bec Boutique (aka wine bar) - 62 Xinhua Lu / 新华路62号

Half the class is mesmerized by themselves in the mirror while I’m tryinga figure out how many burgers can fit in this belly. @iamsitha_t’s Space Moves dance class (Nicki Minaj vs Drake edition!) at @spacecycle_china. Seriously, do you know how much I have to exercise to burn off what I eat 🤪. #guavapass #guavapasschina #shanghaigirleatsguavapass

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