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Morning run breakdown. One word. MAJESTIC.

#stayready #focus #healthy #fit

And the double down, I'll even throw in my old first modeling shot. The medicine ball kills me 😂. #oldheadshotday

Ok, I'll throw in. Ah that sweet, sweet wall lean. Always a good go to. Murder on the hair through, so I got rid of it...the hair, not the wall. #oldheadshotday #actor #theatre #stage #film #movies #tv

Closing night dressing room shenanigans part 2. Stay a while and listen up. The comet approacheth.

...And that's final curtain for "Eighth Day of the Week." Thank you The Ensemble Theatre Houston for the hospitality and love shown during my brief stay. Thank you for providing a safe, nurturing and professional environment for me to do what it is I do. Thank you for respecting the art in the process as well as the WORK. Thank you to the wonderful cast, crew and staff. I will carry the lessons from this experience with me always.

Entrances and Exits. "Dr.Benjamin's final entrance." And with that we part ways. Thanks "Ben Jr." for the lessons learned through channeling your story onto the stage my friend. I appreciate you. #safetravels

Vocal warm ups part 1. Oh you thought this was a game? I don't play.


Topping off a long and strange day. My sister flew in from Chicago just to see the show and surprised me outside of the theater when things were winding down then left several hours later. My brain literally short circuited with surprise, for a second it didn't make sense what I was seeing in front of me, sooo glad they didn't catch my reaction on camera lol. I definitely felt the love. #Gratitude only 4 more shows remain "Eighth Day of the Week" then it's off on the next adventure.

#actor #theatre #tv #movie #film

20 shows left, oh the drama. "Eighth Day of The Week."

#actor #stage #theatre #artist #art #drama #dramedy

This gentleman came to see us opening night. Our show that evening was dedicated to his wife who passed away 4 days ago from #alzheimers. Thank you sir for sharing your story with us. It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to utilize my gifts through the art in order to provide some truth, joy and a bit of laughter as you, your family and many others cope with this multifaceted affliction.

#actor #artist #gratitude

Opening night. Come meet The Cartwrights. Just your average family circa 1995. "Eighth Day of the Week." Tickets on sale March 22-April 15th. •

#artist #actor #stage #theatre #tv #film #movies #cinema

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