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shane_farmer  Jesus is amazing. 15 years co-laboring with wife wendyalane / Senior Pastor Cherry Hills Community Church in Denver / Thousand Churches Network

A free father/son trip for two is being given away at all Man Mayhem services🙌🏼 (your ticket is your raffle must be present for drawing during service.) Thanks Xanterra for the donation👊

That’s ma’ boy🙌🏼

Donuts and Chuck e’ Cheese? Pretty good start to the weekend for these gremlins 🙌🏼

This boy (name kept anonymous) is a 12 year old boy in a target country of ours and was born deaf and mute. Last Saturday afternoon, his parents brought him to one of our churches and they prayed over him. He was completely healed and now can both speak and hear clearly!! His whole family renounced their other gods and put their faith in Jesus!


Eager for summer over here!

And let me say it, these teammates and friends show genuine passion for the advance of God’s Kingdom and real love for Jesus every single day!

Trail riding in Colorado is hard to beat👊

I swear I only played to bond with my sons😂😂 22-0 tho come on!?

Pastors, we pray for those who call us fools and accuse our character.

Congregants, pray for your pastor they continually long for people to be broken over the lost, over the poor, over God’s worship, or over something that is actually in the Bible, but this is what we often get instead. Don’t pray for it to stop but pray for our hearts to be humble and loving and to genuinely pray with love for our congregations in tears without getting hardened or defensive🙏

That book you gotta give to all your friends right here.

What do you do when life deals you a hand you did not expect? Overcoming fear, disappointment, betrayal and disillusionment with faith spelled out in typical Christine Caine fashion (bold, prophetic, inspiring, biblical)!

1 these 5:20 says not to despise words given from God through others.
There is a reason Paul had to write that, and it is because of human nature to abuse something so powerful.

A true word from God will be confirmed by the Spirit in your own spirit.

Exercise extreme caution when anyone says “I have a word.” Humility will say “test this. I could be wrong, but. . .” If that word so happens to benefit the “messenger” is a double red flag situation. God chooses a messenger for whom that word is a sacrifice and act of faith to share, not someone who personally gets gain from it.

Avengers here we come😵

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