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Shan Boodram  I own it \*/ They love it Sexologist🎓 Author📖 Shan Boody is Your Perfect Date Season 2 ⬇️

The 3 of us disguised as beauty bloggers so we could collect a lifetime supply of products! Listen beauty influencers Yall have it MADE, thank God @beautycon had a panel on relationships or else I woulda been drooling from the outside looking in as per usual. @alanapoppins went for mermaid I went for an Oscar-statue look and @rebuildinglauren ...Geisha Bollywood Barbie? Thank you #beautyconnyc for the BEST weekend with my best friends/ sisters

Don't worry, we're all tryna figure it out together. Happy Monday 🌇

Yo..#beautyconnyc was incredible this year! Thank you for having me and allowing me to show my dates/ sisters @rebuildinglauren & @alanapoppins an amazing time too

Success to me is being able to come home and treat my people to a good time. Bringing some of my fav and most influential Toronto friends together for dinner #boodydinner. Thank you so much to @yael.young for throwing this event for me, doing all the invites, location scouting and for the freakin incredible food from @caliiloveco

Season 2 is here! If you loved Season 1 you will gag over the new episodes. I try a different psychology experiment on ten different first dates. If you have AT&T you get one year of @Fullscreen for free everyone else you get one week free trial. Show love and let me know what you think oxo

QUESTION: She looks like your dream girl BUT has a personality like wet socks (scroll right)..would you go on a second date with her? Watch the full date and see if looks are really enough on Season 2 of Shan Boody is Your Perfect Date only on @fullscreen (link in bio 😘). Thank you to my date @evanfgomez who shares a VERY crucial & surprising message at the end of this episode

I think there are two ways to love someone: with compassionate intensity or with unbridled insanity. I pray that you never experience the ladder. I pray that you never have to live through the horror of feeling so understood and safe in one moment then stripped and misused in the very next. The human spirit is not meant to withstand that kind of the full video or link in bio

Why does heart break feel like dying? Watch Robby's spiral into madness in the full video on (or link in bio)

My life, my life, my life! Everyday in the sunshine ☀️👫

There is nothing wrong with needing love - the problems arise when you don't recognize that the need exists...I have what I like to call, weed love. Picture a thorny lil plant in the most unlikely place with roots too deep to pull & dreams too wild to confine. No one wants you there you know that but you don’t know how to leave and survive at the same time... It’s the literal choice between a life without the love of those you want and no life at the full video link in bio

Whaddya mean you don't like my tone? #playlistlive 😏

Having her back and holding her up since 1994 and 2011. Her mama and bootleg mama / nerdy old sis. Congrats on 2 mil @winnieharlow

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