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Shan Boodram  Sexologist🎓 Author📖 PLEASE NO DMS ❌ Need advice? single women in LA click here⬇️

🌴This is me when I was a single woman slaying in LA and I’m posting bc today I’m looking for single women in LA who wanna slay! This summer I’m doing a 6 week course to help single women become incredible at dating. This process will be documented for a book I’m working on. You don’t pay to do this course - I pay you for your time! I’m looking for interesting, quirky, awesome women looking to gain control over this area of their life. So if that’s you and you’re over 23 please hit the link in my bio. P.s.
I’d LOVE if you tagged or DMed this post to LA friends who may be a fit! I will pay anyone who can refer me to someone who ends up in my final 5 (there’s a place to include referral contact on the form)

Happy birthday to my love @mayasworld! I’m such a groupie for you and have looked up to you since the day we met 11 years ago!!!! You are an inspiration, I’m so in awe of all that you do. Thanks to your parents for getting it on and to your mom for launching you into the world on this date - you haven’t stopped moving since! Celebrating you today boo 💃🏽

“YO I’M TERRIFIED RIGHT NOW!” The words that accurately describe how I felt last night @bufferfestival after having my scripted short on sexual assault screen. Every video that went before mine was funny, light and professionally produced. Me & @enjoyjaredbrady were sinking in our seats praying one trash video played before ours to lower the such luck lol it was an impeccable lineup BUT know what? Once I saw my piece on that big screen all of my fears washed away. So what if you could see the wired mic in some shots! So what if it was shot in a dog poop park instead of a coffee shop like I had hoped! And so what it wasn’t funny! It’s still one of the most incredible pieces of content I’ve created and I’m going to be sharing it with all of you on Sunday...shit now I’m terrified again😬

In 2014 myself & @emanifresh went to meet up with @affioncrockett at a party that his artist @enjoyjaredbrady was throwing. After seeing him in his pleather baseball jersey I spent the rest of the night wishing he’d dance with me.

Redid my website all on my own (a lie @enjoyjaredbrady did the photos & some graphics) but other than that 💃🏽. I love me some @squarespace ❤️. Go see the new

Closure has this reputation for being a team sport but in reality it isn’t usually accomplished by holding hands. It’s often done solo as you try to make sense of the contrasts: I love you / I hate being hurt by you. I can't breathe under you / I don't know how to get over you... It’s a process. It’s a right of passage. It’s a pain but it’s a part of your evolution. We are often told that nothing worth having comes easy but it’s equally as important to acknowledge that having someone worth loving is not meant to be that hard. (Full video in bio)

What has stopped you from making a move on your crush?

Like the rest of the world, I saw @blackpanther and shared the vision of a world that is united through love and leadership beyond the confinements of racism, classism, sexism and colorism. #ad I was in awe of the female characters who were intelligent, fearless, striking and innovative! If I were in the #WomenOfWakanda community, I would be the researcher! I'd spend my days in a library of infinite books with a team of people who, like myself, wanted to understand how connections can help solve the world's greatest issues. Who would you be? A warrior? A community leader? An entertainer? An engineer? A care giver?Bring home #BlackPanther on Digital May 8 and Blu-ray May 15!

This is what working from home is like when @enjoyjaredbrady has the day off. I’m so disappointed at my scream 😂😫

Don’t miss me on @stevetvshow today! And congrats to @iamsteveharveytv for winning an Emmy this weekend for his outstanding work on this show!!

TORONTO!! I’m looking for YOU, YOUR MOM & YOUR UNCLE. Seriously I’m shooting a podcast with @cbc on May 10 where I teach a Sex ed class that is truly Toronto: diverse & surprising! If you’re interested in being a guest student (small class everyone will speak) OR you know someone older who would be really interesting please hit the link in my bio to fill out a form! Excited to meet some of you soon. Also TAG anyone who you think would be a fit

She looked out the window in disgust, "They're going out again?! Like is this really not bothering you yet?" she asked in a tone that answered her own question. "Think about it - they’ve been together for twice as long as us. We've just gotten so bland and predictable." He sighed and sunk down so she couldn't see his eyes over his keyboard, "They're not going on dates or at least not with each other. They broke up months ago but are staying together until their kid finishes high school. They're still good friends and they have their singles night on the same day." She spun around so fast for a second he feared she was about to whip a fireball, "You're lying! How would you know that? Why wouldn’t you have told me sooner?” He thought about this for a second then set his laptop down and joined her at the window. "I know because Dave confides in me and I didn't tell you because everytime you talk about the neighbors you get this dreamy look in your eyes - the same look you have when you work on a case you're passionate about. I love that look and I love you.” He started to walk back towards his laptop then stopped, “You know comparison is supposed to inspire you to get the things you want but it shouldn’t make you resent what you already have.” She stood frozen at the window, “So you put up with me trashing you because you thought their love was inspiring to me? That is the most horrifying yet romantic thing I've ever heard.” He glanced over his shoulder, "And you said we've gotten too predictable."

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