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Shanalei  70% coffee / 30% dry shampoo β€’ around the way girl β€’

24K MAGIC IN THE AIR πŸ’˜ Swooning over this stunning sunset right meow! #viewfromthetop #amazing

Works his ass off to take care of his family βœ…
Loves God with all his heart βœ…βœ…
Got me a man who does both πŸ†

Spied this one getting into the Word earlier this morning. He wouldn't agree with me posting this so it might be temporary but then again maybe not since he's not a fan of the social media game and will probably never know. I just love him so much and raw moments like this are just one of the many reasons why. πŸ–€

Confessions of a crazy mom: I bite this face everyday. I literally can't stop myself. Sometimes it's a wee bit too hard and a tear follows. I don't mean to but there's something about soft cheeks that ignites a frenzy in me and I legit can't contain myself. He loves it, in spite of his protests. My prayer is that these boys grow up to know how much they are loved and how truly valuable they are. That they don't settle for anything -- or anyone -- who treats them any less. That the love they experience helps to fuel them to become amazing men, partners and fathers and eventually to pass that unconditional love along to their babies. Hope your weekend is as awesome as this firecracker (and his siblings) are. πŸ–€ #raisinggoodhumans #unconditionallove #blessed #priceless

HAPPYTOWN, USA β€’ Her face basically describes how stoked I am for my upcoming 3 day weekend πŸ’πŸ» #tbt #howbowdah

FOREVER VALENTINE // In my (humble - lol) opinion, true love is defined as getting as excited to see your partner as you do when you see the waiter bringing you your food. Celebrating an early V day tonight with the one who holds my hand in public even when I don't have my eyebrows on. You have caught me mid-snore (once), with food stuck in my teeth and seen me on both my best and worst days and yet you love me still no matter what. You've saved the children after I've lost my shit (dirty clothes belong in the laundry basket, books belong on the bookshelf, rubbish in the rubbish can -- is it really THAT hard?!), you put up with my mushy social media posts even though you're not a fan of it, and you've witnessed/ignited/survived some psychotic moments with me worthy of an Oscar. Yet, here we are celebrating our 14th February together. Thank you for loving me through thick and less thick, fun and sad, good and bad. I love you with all of my heart. Cheers to our next 14. πŸ–€ #cherish #thisman #yinyang #circles

WEEKEND WARRIORS πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Friday is my second favorite F word. So glad the weekend is here! #tgif #alohafriday #fbf

SLOW CLAP // I don't know about Tom Brady but my coffee is GOAT this morning. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ–€ #givemealltheshots

EVENING RIDE // Windy post dinner slide as we kiss this super bowl Sunday bye. Is it Friday yet? ☠️

SCORE! πŸ€“ Finds like these make me so happy. #practicallyfree #beenwantingthese #datenightwithmybooks

PRIZED POSSESH // One of a few faces I look forward to seeing after a hectic day on the dance floor. Love this ked so muchy much. πŸ–€ #romeo #8goingon18 #koloheboy #dimplegang

EMPTY LOTS // HAPPY HEARTS β€’ Children live in a delightful space between dreams and reality. They taste color, hear shapes, see sounds. We should all be so lucky. Pretty sure our cars will always have sand in them, we should have stock in Bandaids by now and no matter how much money we blow at Costco every other week our fridge never stays full for long. It seems maddening at times but I'm enjoying every moment of it. πŸ–€ #bestdaysofmylife

ABOUT LAST NIGHT // Super hungry for some boca-rota and baked opah mauna kea right meow. 😫 #goodtimes #teamKLoh