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Shanae Hall  "What is impossible with man is possible with God."

Lets play a little game called: WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Tag a black owned business that you actually patronize, and tell us why.... I’ll go first ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I love & support @islandgirlnaturalbeauty products because she was laid off of from work after 25 years and instead of staying in the workforce she opened her own natural beauty skin care line...The SOY CANDLES & body butter are the bomb! (If you buy something you can get 15% off by entering promo code Nae15 😏)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I support @shynebytina because she kept my hair healthy for the past decade...she’s not “new to this she’s true to this” as she reminds me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I rock with @dnellsit because his brand of BLACK WOMEN ARE DOPE t-shirts expresses how I feel about us ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ I started a $2 month fundraiser ( to help support HBCU’s because they have always been a place of higher learning for black students, when PWI wouldn’t even consider a black student🥳🥳 your turn

Good afternoon vibes. I guess I’ll get my day started 😉#dayoff #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #mood #goodafternoon

Remember that... don’t ask for a discount, or what you can get for free. Pay full asking price like we do at all the other grocery and department stores!

It’s always the people on the sideline, that you’re doing better than, that want to tear you down! Continue to climb and when you reach your goal, just look down & smile. I can assure you, they will still be there....right where u left them 😊 #goals #vision #haters #goodmorning

I’ve seen mass murders get handled with more care than these young men... 🙇🏾‍♀️ #Repost @colossill
Via @rashaad.singleton “And people ask me why I am the way that I am. This is somebody’s child and they are SMASHING his head into the ground! They wouldn’t treat a damn dog like this... #BlackInAmerica
Via @shaunking (@get_repost)
Let me tell you what this 15 year old boy, Lucca, in the red tank top did. He’s a kind, sweet soul. He bent down to pick up the cell phone of another boy who was also wrongly arrested. The phone fell out during his arrest. He didn’t want it to get broken. When he stood up, the officer sprayed his face with pepper spray then proceeded to brutally assault him. These kids were gathered at a local McDonalds after school when police showed up. Lucca broke no laws. Was unarmed. Non-violent. Police then charged HIM with assault on an officer and resisting arrest. Neither, as you can see, are true. These are Broward County Sheriffs Christopher Krickovich & Sgt. Greg LaCerra. Now ask yourself why this unarmed nonviolent Black boy was brutally assaulted and the white men who shot up schools, churches, and movie theaters, slaughtering men, women, and children, were arrested without a single scratch. You know the answer. #justiceforlucca #browardCounty #florida

I realized everybody wants the results but very few want to put in the work? 🤔 Everyone wants the nice house but few want to do learn & understand what it takes to get it & keep it. 🙇🏾‍♀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Everyone wants a nice strong body but few have the discipline to control what they eat & workout 🏋️‍♀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
most ppl want a healthy long lasting relationship, but only a few are willing to do more than text and point fingers 🧐...But I digress, I’m sure it’s just me🙇🏾‍♀️#goals

Yessssss boo, they got the Lion, the wolf 🐺, the white walkers! It’s on

All I need is a glass of almond milk 🥛... time to re-watch episode 2 👑 just to make sure I didn’t miss anything from last night 😉#got #gameofthrones #oreos #gotoreos

I’ve never seen anything like this... what happens in the dark always comes to the light (sooner or later) 🙇🏾‍♀️#criminalminds #trump #maga

Easter has nothing to do with a bunny. Today we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, who rose from the dead... What is dead May never die - GOT 🤣 let’s go

Did you know:
golf's history with matters of race and ethnicity is not a good one, particularly when it comes to African-Americans. These things are in the past, but into the 1960s the PGA of America had a "Caucasians-only" clause written into its charter. The first black golfer at The Masters didn't play until 1975 and Augusta National didn't allow its first black member until 1990.

There were many public and private golf courses that excluded blacks from playing during the Jim Crow era; some private clubs continued that practice until relatively recent times. In an early commercial for Nike, Woods said, "There are still courses in the United States that I am not allowed to play on because of the colour of my skin." He received (from some quarters) criticism for that, but it was clearly a true statement at that time. #masters #tigerwoods #change #HowTigerChangedTheGame #5 #IKnowSomeThings lol

Tiger said I want to win the masters because the way blacks have been treated there, THEY SHOULDN’T be there. If I win the masters that will be really BIG FOR US!! Us 🙇🏾‍♀️white dude: “Good luck with that” 😂 #tigerwoods #masters

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