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Kirsty Rice  4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle. Co-host of Two Fat Expats

There is no better photo to adequately explain the past month. Living out of suitcases, relying on the hospitality of good friends and family. Husband back to Qatar on Monday night after we drop our girls at boarding school - the boys and I will then regroup for a final few weeks. This "summer" was the holiday of odd socks, musical beds and road trips. And the biggest achievement WE ARE STILL MARRIED!

Kids have been calling G 'Phil Dunphy' all day. Here he is on the chair ride which is full occupied with kids. I love him.

Here's my beautiful Dad in his pyjama pants standing out on the street holding my computer charger. Five minutes earlier suitcases were stuffed in the back of the car, kids herded out the door and chaos abound with me needing the printer at the last minute. My poor mother had done a mad dash into town for printer ink with me eventually leaving with a "don't worry Ill sort it out later! Go go go - everyone in the car!!! Sure enough, like every time I leave, they found something I'd left behind - luckily we were only a few minutes down the road. Parents never ever get to stop being parents do they? ❤️ As we drove down my parents street I looked at my beautiful Dad standing there with a grin on his face, god I love him. Here's to more years of coming home to Dads in pjs.

Visiting great great grand dad.

Uniform shopping going well. New beginnings.

I love school holidays - pool at the pub.

Someone's got their first phone and their first phone contract. Big excitement!

Last day of school in Doha. End of an era and a step towards and amazing new beginning.

It was the weirdest thing, I was in the shoe shop and they were whispering "take me back to Qatar with you, take me back with you" and then I said "but do I look a little bit like I'm going to space? Are you too Gary Glitter?"And they said "no!!!! You look amazing! C'mon! Why are you waiting? We're on sale?!" And then I left the store, with them on my feet, and now we're at the airport. #shoesonthemove

Today was settlement day. Keys handed over, last trip to the beach, and now we wait for the builders to do their thing. #building #newbuild

Trigger warning #expat

I've talked about my girlfriend Krissy on the blog before, she's the friend everyone needs to have, I adore her. I met Krissy when I was 14, we had mutual friends, we then ended up living together, we've done 18th's, 21st's, bad boyfriends and really bad haircuts. We ended up getting married within a year of each other, she'd been going out with Billy for years, I'd been going out with G for 3 weeks. She arrived at my house for dinner eyeballed G and said "right, I need to know a little bit more about you, you don't get off that easily, we need some more details". We were very happy to be pregnant at the same time, I came back to Adelaide from Jakarta to have the baby, we chose different doctors but the same hospital - our due dates a few days apart. I reckon I'd been at the hospital for an hour or so when I found out Krissy was there too. My little girl born at 6.26, her little boy at 11.26. While my little girl has been on the move from country to country somehow she's managed to stay connected to Krissy's beautiful young man. They're mates and I love it. 17 years today. Sometimes life is beautiful without even trying.

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