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Shamier little  Chicago raised @adidasrunning athlete. 400 hurdles

Latepost of my First Diamond League win! “Finally figured out the game. Got nothing to lose, and a whole f$@%#* lot to gain” - J. Cole. #LausanneDL #RoadToTheFinal #DiamondLeague #FearTheBow🎀👓 @adidasrunning

Okay okay. Quick thing: Two months ago, I was put in an unimaginable situation of not being allowed to train with my coach. I worried about where I would be in this moment; USA champs. And as this championships grew closer, The love and support I got made me worry less and less. Shoutout to anyone who has ever picked up a stopwatch and taken some time from their day to see me through a workout, and especially over some hurdles during my hiatus from the great coach Anderson (who deserves immortality: My amazing aunt @homegirletc, My best friend Anthony @gqantdawg, Bralon @btap_400 400, my weight coach @philbobagginsphd, Coach Shaver of LSU, Coach Wright @twan_561 of Kentucky, and my high school coach Ashley Homere. And shoutout to the coaches who chill in the background as I figured things but still made it known that I was loved and looked out for. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. This portion of my village made me feel like my old self, this portion of my village is the reason why I am the 2018 400H NATIONAL CHAMPION. And to anyone out there going through it: use your village. And to anyone who sees somebody going through it: be their village!! ( there’s so many other people in my village to shout out but I’m doing three much and the speech ending music is playing in the background.) love you all. #FearTheBow. 🎀👓 @adidasrunning

”stay calm and alert”- Vince Anderson. #FearTheBow 👓🎀
PC: @isthatsol

Happy Olympic Day. Especially to all the Olympians out there

*M’Baku voice* “it’s faddas day”

My exact mood knowing I’m on a flight back to America in one hour. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Simply Lemonade, and driving over the speed limit, here I come. Hey @sassysandra7

Some pre meet block starts to prepare to compete in my first @bauhausgalan Diamond League 400 of the season here in Stockholm. Look out for the bow! Tomorrow, June 10. (I don’t know the time. But I bet $10 my mom will comment and let y’all know) #FeartheBOW 👓🎀 repping @adidasrunning
video courtesy of @michellesammet ☺️

I only love my bed and my momma, I’m not sorry. Happy birthday to the lady who squeezed me out! @beautifulittlegenius

Y’all getting y’all head bust? Dean Williams always wanna brag about the time he beat me in a race the day I wore a DRESS to school. Finally got my rematch. And won. ☺️

Run hard, keep straight. Thank you @adidasboostbostongames for putting on this super fun meet. I enjoyed getting the chance to switch things up with a new event and a new setting on the straightaway.

Lindblom’s women’s track team! Wow. It’s their moment and I’m glad I got to fund the bus to send them to compete in the IHSA 2017 state meet. 6 years ago I was a lone soldier. Then I got a little company with @callhercutiepie, and now these ladies are a full blown team competing for a title. So proud of how far this program has come. @lolitalovinglife24 @cmdavis85 I SEE YOUUU! ♥️ good luck to you all, and tear it up down there. #ChicagoTough

Catch me and the rest of the three stripe gang on the straight away this Sunday! #takechargeboston @adidasboostbostongames

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