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Shamanic Tonic  ✨🍃🍶Artisan SuperFood / SuperHerb elixirs!!💥 🇺🇸Miami Made ⭐️ DELIVERING every FRIDAY!! 🚗 👇🏼Kit on *cacao ceremonies* & more epic events!!

Vending this Saturday at MKT!! Make sure to check out some of the amazing lineup on this Consciousness Uncorked Edition in the heart of Wynwood!! @bybazbaz #elevateyourself #highvibration #mkt

It's something very special to share your light, your passion, your vision with the world. 🌎🔥✨ Facilitating this weekend's super food / super herb workshop in Philadelphia with @lneonline was a fantastic opportunity to do this. The Vision of people's lives being more positively shifted, healthy, happy, holistic continues to manifest.✨Along with other leaders, healers, and tribe - I am greatful for hearing the call and embodying the change I wish to bring to this amazing world!!✨🙏
#highvibration #elevateyourself #shamanictonic #philadelphia

✨🎨It's certainly an art form to craft our artisan Super Chocolate tonic -- with infusions of organic reishi, chaga, maca root, & MCT oil!!✨🍫 Enjoy some complimentary elixirs or take home a bottle tonight @ the Wynwood Warehouse Project's ✨*Chocolate & Art Show!!*✨ 8pm-2am!! 450 NW 27th St, $15 entry for live music, body painting, local art, food, etc... #highvibration #chocolate #chocolateandartshow #shamanictonic

Feel your roots, feel your leaves, feel the sturdy trunk in between. ✨🌳Here's to a new day of growing a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser, a little bit more grounded, centered, & free. 🙏🍃 #elevateyourself #highvibration #treewisdom #growth

Shamanic Tonic is going to Phillie!!! ✨✈️🍶🌿 How can superherbs benefit skin health? This weekend will include an open dialogue on the important roll of superherbs & superfoods for the spa and wellness world!! 🤓Industry professionals will be also getting a complimentary sampling of specific superherbs covered during this featured workshop!! ✨🌈🍶🌿🌷@lneonline #radiantskin #highvibration #elevateyourself #shamanictonic

✨Excited to officially release our newest tonic: Matcha Gold!! ...with ceremonial grade matcha, moringa, brahmi leaf, pine pollen, cold pressed ginger, and more!! Yummm!!! The best part of waking up, is Matcha Gold in your cup!!✨🌿🍵🌞 #matchagold #elevateyourself #highvibration #shamanictonic #miamimade

Look towards nature, you will find everything you need there.✨🌳🌿🍄#highvibration #elevateyourself #shamanictonic #natureismymedicine

🐣This Saturday, MKT: Miami's Conscious Local Market place, hosted by @bybazbaz in Wynwood. 1-7pm with a great lineup of vendors, presentors, and live DJ!! Shamanic Tonic will be representing the vibe high with our tonics through the day!!✨🌿🍶 #elevateyourself #highvibration #bybazbaz

🕯🌞How do we awaken our vitality?! How do we rediscover the energy and life force we've been cut off from? How do we participate in life as fully as we can, seizing each moment?!✨The short list to being vital must include: *thinking excellently, *nurturing supportive emotions, *exercising our bodies, *being kind to self and others, and *ingesting life affirming super foods. Do you want to experience more vitality in your life?! YES YOU DO!!!! 💪🏼😺🌿And we are here to support you bring more of these things to your day... Make the change, be the change, and I promise your life will be positively altered forever. Be vital!!✨🌅💯🔥🙏 #shamanictonic #vitalitycoaching #highvibration #elevateyourself

✨🙏🍃This Wednesday, enjoy some lunar yoga vibes at Miami's historic Vizcaya Estate & Gardens w/ Kate Moffat of @triostudios. Complimentary Shamanic Tonic will be served during the event with bottles available for purchase!! Om on!! 🕉 #elevateyourself #highvibration #vizcaya #trioyoga

TONIGHT!!✨🎼😍Join us for an evening of high vibration singing & devotional chants with world renowned kirtan singer Jai Uttal @jaiuttal at Miami's premiere high end event space @sacredspacemiami!! Complimentary samples of Shamanic Tonic will be provided throughout the evening, keeping the spirits high!!✨✨🍶🙏❤️🤓 #elevateyourself #shamanictonic

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