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Shama Persson  Inventor and mom of four amazing children including @yoga_girl, two dogs @cuddlingsworld and mormor to Lea Luna! πŸ’—Spirituality demands sobriety!πŸ’—

Stockholm calling, bye Greece, thank you for having me.πŸ’™
photo: @annikjel
#gratitude #greece #stockholmcalling #home

Words of wisdom that make me so excited!πŸ’–

My tribe.
Wherever there's dogs that's my home.🐢❀️
#doglove #bestfriends #soulmates #fureverfamily #noborders

As many of you commented, we are deeply connected my daughter and I. At more or less the same moment when the planes were passing above me, she woke up paralysed in bed. To us there are no coincidences in life. The fear that took us over that day 24 years ago in June was too much. And deep within something kicked in and woke her up. Fear. Feeling me emotional across the globe made her body react, of this I'm sure.
This may sound terrible to you and at a human level it is. And on a higher or deeper level it's a gift. We can communicate and affect each other without talking. So we can use this in a positive way, knowing that our happy positive vibes bring out happiness in the other too. And I know that the body is a tool for healing and I pray for my little girl that healing is happening in her as it is in me and that her body can relax and let go. It's over, we made it to the brightest side of life and it will only be brighter. Dear God, please take out all fear in my baby girl and heal what I once broke not knowing better. And forgive me all wrongs and help me be the best mom and mormor I can ever be. I love you baby girl and I'm sorry and all is well now and you can let go of all fears. And we are watched over by so many angels. Let go.
#healingthepast #love #alliswell

Serenity blue.
#greece #peace

These magazines have more or less one message to me and that is YOU SUCK BIG TIME!😬
"Burn fat fast" "Drop 6 pounds quickly" "Get a new body in 30 days"
What's wrong with me?😳
Why are these magazines screaming out loud that I'm fat and not ok and gotta do something about myself? Why do I need to lose weight? Am I that fat? And how do they know? Are they stalking me? Or didn't they want me to buy their magazines? Am I not included? Am I outside their target group? What would happen if I lost all my fat fast or quickly? Will I be rewarded somehow? Or will I disappear? And most important, WHAT IS FAST? @usainbolt is fast!
Dear @expressen and @topphalsamagazine what exactly is wrong with me?😳
I feel it's so sad that this is the way you chose to communicate to me. I'm one of zillions of women trying to love ourselves as we are. I would love to see a cover that says "love your self fast" or "self confidence in three days" or "a crash course to accepting your body". And, there are more issues coming right? I hereby volunteer to be your semi fat imperfect self on the cover. That'll be fun and maybe you will sell even more magazines that way...try it!πŸ‘Š
Much much love to you ladies out there, perfectly imperfect in your fat skinny lovely bodies! You do not suck as you are, you rock this planet being you!❀️
Sorry for being harsh @expressen and @topphalsamagazine but we are perfectly ok without those messages, we need support in being ok as we are, not advice on how to improve ourselves.πŸ™
#covergirlapplication #imperfectlyperfect #selflove #enoughalready

Six days until I get to hold little moon again. πŸŒ™
#lealunaforever #arubacalling #countdown

Trust me when I say I know. If there's a flow there is a go, and struggling is so outdated!πŸ’—
#letgoandletgod #trust #universalplan

Isn't this a beautiful sight? Sobriety on top of the most magical grandchild ever! βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸ’βœ¨
Blessed and I know it.
#sobriety #mormorhood #motherhood #itsnevertoolatetobethechange

Four moms in this picture! Or actually five as they say the we carry all the eggs of our babies already at birth.
Happy mothers day all of you beautiful, amazing moms and women out there!πŸ’
Without you nothing would work out the way it does. Without you the world would be a much colder, darker and lonelier place. Without you your children would not be as amazing as they are. YOU rock this planet 🌎! I honour you for all the hard work, love and tears you put in to make your children function. You make little people grow into beautiful beings! To be a mother is the biggest challenge and the most important job one can have, and you got it. You are the one. For your child or children the chosen one. The best one. Never doubt that, there are no coincidences in the universal plan.πŸ’–
Happy Mother's Day in heaven mom, miss you. And happy first Mother's Day baby girl @yoga_girl , I love you and Lunis to the πŸŒ™ and back.πŸ’—
#happymothersday #motherhood #celebrate

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