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Shalyn Bessler  I was born under a wandering star ✨ Mama + Wifey Finder of daily bliss 🌿

Elliot is settling into her new space juuuuust fine 👌🏼

Turns out home buying is expensive and stressful. Who knew? So to celebrate all the money we’ve been spending we will be spending more money on getting out of town for a few days! ✈️ Give me some of your favorite places to travel

Summer evenings are for rosé sippin’

I love this photo for the representation of female entrepreneurship. From Katy @rosebudmarket Liz @knottedfern Susan @freshlypicked and my dearest, dearest @jennymundyphoto behind the lens 📸 Thank you for doing what you do and constantly inspiring me in so many ways. It gives so much encouragement and drive watching you all live out your dreams ✨

T E N months of pure magic ✨everyday she brings a new, beautiful meaning to life. I strive to be as happy and excited about EVERYTHING as she is every. Single. Day. She is heart, limitless possibilities, innocence, bliss, and love love love 🧡 I am thankful for you everyday, Elliot Claire! Ten months! Where has the time gone? This one is hitting me waaaaay hard. Perhaps because she is so close to 1. Perhaps it has to do with all of the changes afoot. I’m not sure but whew....ten months?!?

Yesterday I started to take my health journey a bit more seriously. I call it a health journey as opposed to a fitness journey because I’m looking at the overall health....physical, mental, spiritual, etc... I have been struggling with my life after bebe in a lot of ways. It sucks because I recognize the miracle of life and am actually OBSESSED with my daughter. But I have let certain health conscious habits fall wayside both during pregnancy and after and it impacts my life in so many different ways. SO I will be making some certain dietary restrictions these upcoming weeks such as gluten free and vegan. I will be immersing myself deeply in Body Love by @bewellbykelly. I’ll also be eating whatever I want on certain days because life is about balance. Anyway, my whole point is that I just want to be a healthier, happy, more balanced me because I am worth it and I deserve it and more importantly because Elliot is worth it and deserves it. If you have any helpful hints about staying on track and setting aside time for meditation as a mama with no nanny please comment below 👇🏼I

Scrunch face supreme out here living her best life. My friend @kasandradm calls this her “viejita face” 👵🏼 It is not her only nickname by a long shot. Do you and your friends/family members have nicknames for your babes? I can think of a gazillion my mom alone has for her...she gets that honestly from her dad. #runsinthefamily

Chatting with our friends last night about our trip to Colorado has me missing the mountains. Pikes Peak was impressive. More impressive than that was @zackthomasw brothers graduation from the Air Force Academy. All of his siblings are very impressive humans. Actually, Elliot really lucked out in the Aunt/Uncle department all around. We are a fortunate bunch that she gets to grow up surrounded by their love and influence. #family

This rain and the craziness of this week is giving me and the girl all the cozy nap feels 😴 but its back to the grind! However, I’ve truly embraced the chaos of this hectic week and am fortunate to have a job that I love! Do you love work or is it just that to

With peonies being my favorite flower and thinking peony season had ended I was delighted when I walked into @wholefoods and saw they still had several bouquets. What is your favorite flower?

At my besties grad party today talking about this little potato 🥔I can’t believe how much time has passed since this photo. It was also around this time where Elliot took my spot in @ajzimma heart. It’s cool though, I’d gladly be booted as one of the besties for her any day!

I greeted 30 with cake, rosé, and all of the love my heart can handle. What a beautiful life I have! 29 is going to be a HARD year to beat. I welcomed my first child, I got married, and bought a home (hence this photo on the floor sans furniture) but 30 has already brought me the most beautiful introduction I wouldn’t have been able to dream up. I do what I do every year which is...a trip to Greenwood Mall (shameless), a trip to the spa, and dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with the ones I love most. I love my birthday because it is the same every year but what made this year so incredible is the addition of my beautiful daughter. It’s funny to think of any of this without her. I’m so thankful for my family today and everyday! Thank you @abbym601 for being the glue that holds this family together @darthdudical for indulging us and beyond that having ‘best day ever’s with us so often and of course @zackthomasw for not only jumping in head first but for loving me, my family, our daughter with your entire heart. #heresto30 #30for30 #sothisis30

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