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I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive to post this photo. I feared it would depict me as a mother pushing gender roles on my young and impressionable little human. Here’s a girl in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. However, the back story is this 1) my love of cooking came from my dad (and then furthered by Sir @gordongram 😍) 2) my mom got her this cleaning set because Elliot loves cleaning up with her on Saturday mornings. @abbym601 watches Elle Friday nights while Zack and I work and she quite destroys/rearranges my moms entire household. I think it’s important to teach her young to clean up after herself so I’m glad she’s learning early. But swipe ➡️ to see the toolset she also got her to help @zackthomasw with house repairs. The girl can do it all and she can be whoever she wants to be. I think that was my biggest takeaway/realization when deciding whether or not to post this photo. Does anyone else out there struggle with certain purchases for your children?

Day 2️⃣ of my plastic free week! ♻️ It seemed like the perfect time to commit to this challenge after coming out of a season of excess and abundance. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the outcome thus far. Part of this challenge might be more time have to clean and cut your own produce. But I can see a shift in packaging which makes me happy. You have to make a conscious effort to reduce plastic in your life but I’ve found it rewarding. I found the exact drying rack I’ve been looking for because I couldn’t buy it at the store and found it secondhand for half the price. So it’s rewarding in that way but most definitely challenging in others (hello Starbucks) What’s most important is that I’m doing this for my daughter, because she is worth it and deserves it. I want to set an example for her and hope that she makes good decisions that not only impact her but others and the planet, as well. I don’t mean to sound preachy but this is something I’m passionate about and I can’t make a difference by staying silent. So I’m curious what your green initiatives are, if any...I’m always looking for ways to be inspired and more eco friendly. #sbwplasticfreeweek

Lots of projects and productivity this weekend! 🔧🔨 rooms were rearranged, shelves were made, laundry and dishes are feels sooo good to be motivated and want to change your space. Trying to carry that over into this new week...I love the fresh start a Monday brings ✨ Do you love Mondays or not so much? #daddydaughter

Taking it back to Elliot’s first snow last year. It is most certainly hard to top the first snowfall in Woodruff but Irvington is a top contender. Who else has gotten snow these past couple of days? ❄️

Post sledding soak 🛀🏽 in the self care setup of my dreams

A few days in on this health and wellness journey and I feel great ✨Admittedly, today I am a bit sluggish and have probably hit my wall but for the most part I have had SO much energy. My mood has improved. I sleep deeper. I feel lighter on my feet. You don’t really think about certain ways you’re living until you’re not anymore then you don’t realize how good you are capable of feeling. Anyone else decide to take on a new challenge in 2019? Give me all the deets ❤️

Mid-morning and mid-week pick me up so necessary ☕️

Sooo happy this little lady is loving her kitchen. Some of my favorite childhood memories are in the kitchen with my grandmother and my dad. I can smell the soup my grandma and I used to make when I was home sick. I learned how to properly cut an onion from my father. I love cooking but have also turned a pizza into a hockey puck. 🏒Do you have happy memories from the kitchen or horror stories? 😜 #likemotherlikedaughter #littlegourmand #magicofchildhood #letthembelittle #letthekids #letthekidsplay #seekthesimplicity #candidchildhood

Seek the simplicity ✨
Today @aperfectpumpkin post inspired me to take a look around and appreciate the positives instead of focusing on the negatives. So I looked around and did just that. When I was out and about today I stopped by @wildwoodmarket to brighten my space (head and home) even more ✨

Zack goes back to work tomorrow 😣 so we are going to start on our goals then. We really wanted to enjoy ourselves over the break and not feel too pressured about anything. I’m going to start @toneitup 5 day detox tomorrow, followed by a week of the anti-inflammatory diet, a vegetarian week, vegan week, etc...regardless of what I eat on any given week what I won’t be doing is drinking 🥃🍸🥂 no sips, samples, or cheating. #soexcited #nodrinkjanuary

Saturday snugs with my best girl ✨

To doing more of this more often ✨ I am excited to connect more with not only my mind, body, and soul but my sweet little lady, as well. I have always been good about setting intentions, making lists, things like that so resolutions aren’t really my* thing but I think the idea of a fresh start with a fresh year is an excellent one! So whatever you set out to do or want to achieve I hope you do so today, some month, and/or in 2019 🌟

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