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Matthew Kline Kader #RHB  Real World Champion twitter- @shallowking #RHB Athlete💊 Snapchat- Shallowking👻 👇🏼Kader Vs McGregor 12/9 Dublin🇮🇪


Happy bday to my little bro! Sorry I couldn't make it out but I must take care of this Irish fraud entertainer. #RealWorldChampion

I love all my Kader Babers across the Kader nation 😘 thank you for the continued support. And please remember to email your video fan submissions to fans@RealWorldChampion.com and you'll have a chance of being the featured fan post of the week! ❤️ #RealWorldChampion

McGregor fans want to live in denial but Conor is the biggest Matthew Kline Kader fan you'll ever find. He's been trying to copy the Real World Champions style for a longgggg time. Look at him he doesn't even know how to wear the shirt right. Matthew Kline Kader fans know that there is only ONE Versace wearing got your girl staring, one of a kind...you know the rest. Swipe right for more proof that McGregor is NOT original with anything he does. Here's a photo of him copying biggie smalls. McGregor just be yourself and stop stealing other people's swag. You don't have what it takes to be the Real World Champion. In exactly one week I will prove to the world that you cannot hang with me in a REAL fight. #RealWorldChampion is coming 🇮🇪

Doomsday 12/9/17 @thenotoriousmma the #RealWorldChampion is coming.

This fight will be broadcasted for FREE because I love all my fans and want to show them who the REAL king of fighting is, who the REAL world champion is. I will walk into Conor’s Gym and I will confront him! I have guys at his gym who are going to assist me in catching this leprechaun 🍀 The Real World Champion is coming 🤛🏼 all my fans need to meet me for the after fight party at O’donahuges #Dublin #RealWorldChampion

Hope all my great fans across the Kader Nation had a great thanksgiving! #RealWorldChampion

Everyone always asks me what supplements and workouts I do and here's your chance to get them all at a discounted rate. Follow @RokHardBody visit their website and use voucher BLACK at checkout! #RHB

@RokHardBody gains on fleek. 💪🏼 the man you wanna be the man your girl wants to see. #RHB
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Don't fool yourself into thinking you're making progress when you aren't. Don't let being busy become a substitute for being effective. Be productive and never give up. 💪🏼 #RealWorldChampion

How sad when a "professional fighter" is in such absolute horrible shape that a wimp soccer player has more muscle than him 😂 there's only one who has it all and you're looking at him. #RealWorldChampion

This wardrobe cost more than what you make in a year. #VersaceWearing
Listen up you uneducated Irish lads who keep commenting nonsense. The Real World Champion, the king, the man who is the epitome of a man is coming to invade your country and you're not gonna do a damn thing about it! Matthew Kline Kader doesn't sneak attack or do anything shady. Matthew Kline Kader tells people ahead of time when he's gonna show up and if his adversaries have balls the size of grape fruits like the Real World Champion then they will show up! You saw what happened in shit town Sacramento. I gave them 1 months notice and the coach and so called Champion made empty promises and threats. Now again the Irish are making threats and my question to you cowards is what kind of men are you? Real men don't gang up on a man or use weapons. A real man fights one on one, hand to hand without any dirty tactics. You can say what you want but the Real World Champion cannot be defeated so bring your army because that's the only chance you got. See you soon Dublin. #RealWorldChampion

Excited to announce that we are less then 1 month away from making history and exposing the "fight" game. Let's see if Mr. McGregor will have the guts to show up! Also very excited to announce that the after fight party will be at O'donoghues so I want all my Irish lads to show up and pay their respect to the king! #RealWorldChampion
Conor, you're trying to bully defense less refrees and small 145 and 155lbs men. How about try to bully me and see what happens!

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