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5/27/17 “In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.” Hunter S Thomson This is the second pool in the cultisac 4 pack. #fearandloathinginlasvegas #poolingaround thankyou so much @ninthislandpoolservice

5/27/17 Viva Las Vegas! this is pool 1 in a cultisac that has four empty pools next to each other and you can just jump the fence from one to the other. Thank you so much @ninthislandpoolservice

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... 📷@shamando

5/8/17 got really lost on a never ending valley farm road some where deep in the twilight zone.

Donny's,hey Kids Wash your hands after skating pools. Yet skating filthy tweaker backyard pools is way safer than being at the combi contest when "Duane the great" drives a car bomb through the mall like the blues brothers and blows up the block during the peak of the lance mountain vrs. Jeff grosso 2nd place showdown (Chris miller 1st place) #fresnopools

One from last Fridays Fresno recon mission. @jojo_heffington found this and it looked good from the satellite photo and would be the best place to ride a pool. Right next to the loudest freight trains going by No house just a foundation and yet it had to be this. #shitpit

The railway construction is making its way south through the valley and this night of the living tweaker trailer park is in the path of the construction/destruction. eviction notice has been served 2 weeks ago so I figure We have just as much right to be here as you and your three generations of meth mutant offspring so relax and let us ride the pool until it gets bulldozed and the high speed tension sleepless vagabond caravan is forced to leave town. #fresnopools #poolingaround

You have to be kidding? I thought we were friends? Really? A New surface? Adrina, why didn't you call us? I'm taking this personally. Jesus died so we could ride the old surface. #fresnopools? #poolingaround

4/22/17 the roadside big O replica was so fun and the spontaneous find always gets me stoked. ok back to Saturdays story. after the bullet we stopped by Donnie's for a few evening grinds and @jworthit blew everyone's mind again doing the unbelievable and the never before done with an amazing frontside grind over the stairs. Check out the video footage @peacocksk8 posted. Cheers john!

4/23/17 6:15pm have to interrupt the story from yesterday with breaking news of this recent discovery. #bigOreplica

4/22/17 another one from yesterday

4/22/17 then we went to jo Jo's and @jworthit effortlessly made the unbelievable happen with a magical Double double Backside light+death/backside light+death #chowchillapools #poolingaround

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