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Remembering J Adams and being blessed with this amazing blue haven the day he died. Thanks J boy πŸ™ I smashed the deathbox for you.

7/11/17 It's time for dreamland...

7/6/17 I don't always ride skateparks , but when I do... @dreamlandskateparks #shastaskatepark #gnomemansland

7/5/17 if you don't belong, don't be long... #poolingaround @powerplantmotorcycles

5/24/17 Intrepid pool service rides again... #poolingaround #instapooloftheday

6/19/17 8:31 am threw myself a surprise party this year. πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚ #birthdaycakeforbreakfast #poolingaround

5/29/17 still busy adventuring in Colorado. Finally getting around to the last one the other day in Phoenix. Pidgin poop is one of the best pools in the world in my personal opinion. Skated the east side stuff then went to check it. Pulled up to a few trucks with trailers being loaded and went to the best bar in town pool to wait them out. They were long gone when I got there for sunset and it was just as fun as I imagined. πŸŽ‚Thanks #dickman @shitpit602 #poolingaround

5/29/17 Arizona is magical

5/29/17 Phoenix pool three. Every time I got in one of these yards it was like unwrapping a present you really wanted and had seen pictures and video of your friends getting for months on the internet. then you walk around back and your like oh wow it's this one. Big thanks to #dickman and the AZ crew for stoking me out! And @shitpit602 for inspiring me to ramble on with these stories. this neighbor was the only human other than me able to function outside of air conditioning in triple digit heat. He poked his head over long enough to get shocked by a clean stair carve. We talked about deferences in day time skateboarders and late night copper removers. Thanks again love this desert.

5/29/17 fun times in Phoenix #poolingaround

5/29/17 well I made it to Phoenix yet every pool skater in Arizona was in Oregon. It was lonely yet a really great time. Thanks so much #dickman for the treasure map!

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