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shalaco  New Vlog, Black Rock City Begins. Trust me, you’re gonna wanna see this.

🚨Spoiler Alert🚨
When I go to Burning Man, I prefer to know nothing about the art. I show up and let it unfold before me in the spirit of immediacy.
That said, I get to Burning Man before your average citizen and share the stories and images I see also in the spirit of immediacy.
I’m going to *try* to share photos that provide glimpses into the art without giving away the endings. That celebrate the build and artists and workers who invest in Black Rock City. A trailer, not the ending. That said if you don’t like Burning Man spoiler it’s probably a good time to look away. I understand.
Do you follow along with art as it rises from the dust in anticipation? Or prefer to keep it a surprise? #burningmanspoilers #buildingbrc

Getting some ‘Me Time’ at the edge of the great wide open.

⚡️CALL FOR ENTRIES⚡️ Art is hard. Are you making art for Black Rock City this year? Then you already know it can be really hard work. Whether you are working on a big project or a low-budget piece, you are making a commitment to build and live in Black Rock City, and that is story worth sharing. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
💡🔧💪🏻 What inspires your project? What went into creating it? What hurdles did you face along the way? Was there something that made it all worthwhile?” Whether you are working on a big project or low budget piece I want to hear your stories of struggle and success. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
💌 Email me photos and words at subject: Art Is Hard ⚡️⚡️⚡️
✏️ OR tag your posts #BRCArtIsHard
Select stories shared in @burningman’s Black Rock Journal.
Temple white out from 2013.

Unbridled country.

Greetings from Black Rock City Survey! Ever wonder how the streets of Burning Man look so perfect from space? Read about the Survey Crew and process, Link in bio.

Follow these guys 👆🏼 for a sneak peak as #brcsurvey is #buildingbrc

Surveying Black Rock City. Keep your eye out for a short film about the people and process of laying out BRC’s city plan.

Firstist camp.

Exploring the playa with @phoenixfirestarter. 👉🏻she’s an amazing photographer, you probably want to follow her.

“The Lines” extend from the center of Black Rock City over a mile to the outer streets flagging the intersections of the annular city streets #BRCSurvey #BuildingBRC

This is 7:00 & E. @phoenixfirestarter, Ankhor & Athibat use Euclidian geometry to square off the intersections along 7:00. This year intersections are smaller to encourage interaction. #buildingBRC #BRCSurvey

It all starts from here. The center of Black Rock City, the Man it all starts as and radiates from The Octagon. #BuildingBRC #BRCsurvey

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