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Shakotan Culture  Shakotan = Extremely Low Street Cars Its not JDM Its JPN #ShakotanCulture #JapanesePerfection #LowAintEnough

Tired of your weak wheels?.... Tired of all these wack ass dudes talking shit cause you ridin on steelies even tho yo car fresh af?... Tired of getting shitted on at meets because you ridin on rotas and the guy ridin on watts getting all the butt? Well look no further fam bam the homies over @japanpartsservice got the hook up pimp..... Imagine riding up to the meet in these fresh ass Volk Racing Meshies boiiiii.... All the hoes gonna be flockin tryna ride in the whip getting they toto wet... Hit up them bois @japanpartsservice @fatmankev @jps_pellegrino for these wheels cause you know somebody boutta scoop these babies upp

#volkracing #japanesepartsservice #shakotanculture

Ayo peep these.... Now I know you guys are wondering where you can cop one of these dope slit spoilers so you can be pimp af and cool like @jps_pellegrino and @fatmankev guess what.... You aint gotta go on yahoo auctions get outbid and then pay some importer 400 to ship it to you.... My man they here in the U S Of Americas and in ONE piece.... Hit up the boys @japanpartsservice for yo pimpalicious Slit spoilers or whatever Japan goodies you need... @japanpartsservice gotchu

#gx81 #slitspoiler #japanesepartsservice #Shakotanculture

Check out the detail.... Great photo by @b.1 of tge samurai keychain.

Few left

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