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It truly baffles me how having standards and voicing those standards makes you “stuck up” or “stush” to those who would literally settle for anyone and anything. Personally, I am a very hard woman to please and I have the highest of standards in practically everything from men (those of you who know my boyfriend will know because he’s the best haha) to where I eat or go out, and where I buy my clothes from. If this makes me stuck up, then I’ll be the first to tell you that I am. I believe that having high standards shouldn’t be deemed a crime by those who have none/v low standards. Raising those standards and raising the bar is how you get further in life so aim higher babygurlllllll💖 don’t be slating those of us who are confident enough to know exactly what it is that we are looking for, instead, focus on you and ask yourself what you’re looking for? 💭

Concert was super duper shit so I feel like I’ve wasted a good outfit/makeup day on nothing 😢 outfit from @coast_stores obviously 🤓 #mycoaststyle #ootd

It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I get my nails done 💅😝 the rings I’m wearing are tagged girls😘♥️ #mycoaststyle #accessorizer #christmasnails #acrylics #christmasvibes #pleaselikesoigetmymoneysworth #iactuallywashedmyhandsforthis #moisturisedforthis #normallycrusty #lol #bye #byefelicia

Following on from my previous post... this adorable little cutie pie is my 8 year old brother. I’ve always tried to teach him as much as I could and encourage him to read lots by buying him new books and discuss what he reads, instead of buying games etc. One of the things I tried to teach him was that there’s always two sides to every story, and you can’t form an opinion based on just one person’s side. Although he is super mature and intelligent for his age, I didn’t think he would remember or really understand until he was older. However, he was having a conversation with an adult once, and this adult asked what he thought about a certain situation. I wasn’t in the same room as him but I heard him respond with “my sister always tells me that there’s two sides to every story and I haven’t heard both sides yet”. I was soooo happy and so proud to hear this! The adult he was speaking to was absolutely gobsmacked that a child so young could understand that concept and respond the way that he did. I did good 🤓#mybaby #heartbreaker #smartiepants #cutiepie #myworld #mylove #smartashell #toobeautiful #loveofmylife

Not one to really post quotes but THIS 🙌
If someone’s a true friend then you shouldn’t have to explain because they would already know, and if they’re not a true friend, why bother explaining? If I ever feel like I have to seriously justify myself to a “friend”, I just save myself the time and effort and walk away from that friendship. Right or wrong, I’ve always believed that true friends would already know and understand, and those who expect an explanation aren’t really open to actually hearing what you have to say (and by hearing, I mean actually listening and understanding - not going in through one ear and coming out the other). They’ve already passed a judgement on you inside their heads and nothing you say will really change that 💭 #foodforthought #latenightthoughts🌙

Another one because I’m in love with this coat! A lot of people asked me where it’s from and I tagged it in my previous post - it’s from @warehouseuk 😘❤️ #ootd #love #furcoat #furry #winterwonderland #christmas

Walking in a Winter Wonderland... ⛄️ #winterwonderland #hydepark #happyaslarry #keepingwarm #ootd (coat tagged xxx)

Doing tourist at my place of work lol #ootd

Think this picture should’ve been taken before I devoured my calamari! Me ft. crumbs 🙂

Thoroughly enjoying experimenting with my new bob 🌝 the kinda pics I take for social media VS. what I send to bae (video at the end)😂 yes I’m goofy AF 🤓 #ootd #curly #bob #love

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