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Shake Them Beauty  🌏 Sydney, Oz 💋Beauty blogger & makeup hoarder 💋FB & Twitter: @shakethembeauty 💋For a feature #shakethembeauty READ MY LATEST REVIEW HERE⤵⤵⤵


@carelineph Better Than Basic Melted Metallic Lipstick is my go to lipstick when I'm feeling extra and need a neat metallic finish 😊 Check the link in my bio for the review.

Check how @carelineph Better Than Basic Melted Metallic Lipstick performed in my first impression review. Link in my bio. 😙

New @carelineph Better Than Basic Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick review now live on my blog! Please check the link in my bio.

Not makeup related but one of my husband's talent is making the BEST grilled cheese sandwhich! Shout out to all loving husbands who can cook 😂

I'll publish a new review in a few hours. But let me know your thoughts about this: do you prefer long and detailed review or short first impressions review?
I'm sorry if I haven't been so active lately. Couple of things are happening right now (work, to be exact). Need to find my center again and focus my energy properly. Thanks for the lovely messages and comments! You people are the best 😘

When you know your favourite @deciem The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factor goes out of stock real quick, you gotta have an extra bottle ready from @adorebeautyofficial
#deciem #theordinary #naturalmoisturizingfactors #skincare #shakethembeauty

@shi.ho.fviii on her subtle smokey sweet pink look 😊 Perfect for this coming Valentine's Day.
For beauty reviews and tips, check the link on my bio or visit  shakethembeauty.wordpress.com. #shakethembeauty

When a comic character comes into life. Created by @shellyannemun while playing around the colours 😊
For beauty reviews and tips, check the link on my bio or visit  shakethembeauty.wordpress.com. #shakethembeauty

When the liner is so perfect and sharp it can kill 😘 Please check out @nellyy_quin page for more makeover. You'd be surprised how talented this young lady is!
For beauty reviews and tips, check the link on my bio or visit  shakethembeauty.wordpress.com. #shakethembeauty

(Image from ASMR By J.D.) Many ASMR artists nowadays are using a particular microphone that is extra sensitive than your regular mic. For example, this 3Dio Free Space that even has an ear dummy. This is to catch and translate the sound just as how our real ears do. Pretty cool eh?

Please read the article I wrote about ASMR. Link in my bio.

(Image not mine)

To simply put, ASMR gives you low-grade euphoria all over your body through visual or auditory triggers. Common effects are having goosebumps and tingling effect on the scalp moving down to your nape. But unfortunately, not all people can experience ASMR. Hence, they just use ASMR videos and audios to relax and unwind.

Please check out the latest article I wrote introducing ASMR. Link in my bio ☺

(Image taken from DonaASMR)

Here is a little something new. Apart from beauty, I have been listening and watching ASMR for over 2 years now. I have found great benefits it has brought me - from guided meditation to soothing my insomia. ASMR has been around for years but it has just recently taken a spotlight.

A few days ago, I posted an article introducing what ASMR is and decided to feature ASMR artist every week. Let me know who are you favorite ASMR artists! Link on the bio ☺

Also, if you know some undiscovered ASMR artist, please tag them in the comments. I would love to discover new faces in the community!

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