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SHAKE SHACK  A modern day roadside burger stand est. 2004, NYC #shakeshack

Our favorite disappearing act. 😋 (📹: @shakeshackhongkong) #shakeshack

Gettin’ through these dog days of summer is easier when there are actual dogs involved… 😉 Catch more furry Shack friends on our Story! (📷: @pickett_the_pup) #shakeshack

You know what they say: pictures or it didn’t happen. 😏 Here are our top three tips for gettin’ that perfect Shack snap! (Swipe through for demos…)
1. Selfie lighting is everything. 💡
2. Touch-ups are welcome. 🍔
3. Hand models should be hungry for the shot. 👌

When your Shack order is on point. 👌 (@hungrytravelduo nailed it with the classics!) #shakeshack

👆 Big night in, veggin’ out. #shakeshack

Call us cheesy, but we think we’re in love… 😍 (📷: @shakeshacktr) #shakeshack

Pause for effect (+ a killer ‘gram). 👌 #shakeshack

Chillin’ out for National Frozen Custard Day. 😎 #shakeshack #nationalfrozencustardday

The definition of puppy love. 👆 Check out our Story for more of our cutest four-legged Shack fans! 📷:

The best friendships are based on a mutual love of BBQ Bacon Cheese Fries... 😉 #shakeshack

Excuse us while we 🤤 over this delicious duo… #shakeshack

It’s a Shack-nic kind of Saturday. 👌 #shakeshack

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