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Siobhan "shibby" Parker  Learn, Laugh, LOVE, Dance, Tap, Sing, Nature, Animals, Music, Nutrition, Cooking, Ocean Swims, Adventures, People, Philosophy, Conversation- LIFE!✌️

Sunday was a nice day! ✌️🌿☀️#family #picnic #sundaze #rainbowtribe

IKEA! Hours of fun! #ikea #justabigkid #houseofmirrors

Cracked out my lady fountain and got her working again (with @curtis901 help!). Not exactly what I had intended but I couldn't help but laugh anyway... that's one luxurious cat bowl. At least Salem is enjoying her too 😹! #rosequartz #waterfeature #crazycatlady #salem

Happy Saturday! #findthebeauty

When your beautiful and awesome housemate/soul sister buys you a "just because" gift (the best kind). This cosmic kitty print comes from local artist @clairedelune_art_travels and I just love it.. so pretty this just made my day! Thanks @kelby_14 you know me so well! #straighttothepoolroom #cosmickitty #justbecausegift #crazycatlady #nailedit

Bought myself some flowers and wrote myself out some goals.. feeling good about it. #flowers #itsthelittlethings #6dollarswellspent #metime💕

Chef Shibby brunch-tastic smashed avo w/ poached eggs 😂... it's so lovely to have time to cook a meal at home x #alloftheveggies #brunch #whatvegoseat

When your work makes cute comfy beanies and you get to have a warm head all day! #winter #waitress #itsthelittlethings #beanie #moodychef

I am a pretty happy lady however every now and then life throws you a curveball.... today was one of "those days". From the moment I opened my eyes this morning I knew it would be a struggle to put on a brave face and get through it without falling apart. However after teaching some tap privates this evening I've managed to find a smile. I'm so grateful to have dance as this outlet that can literally change my mood and fill me with joy. This song is so energetic it's infectious. Even during the sad times we must find a way to smile! #Perm #tapitout #brunomars #oneofthosedays #dancingmakesmehappy👯☺🎶

I was lucky enough to score a visit from my sister @lieseltahnee yesterday whilst recovering from wisdom tooth extraction. Not only did she bring me an assortment of soft food but she also brought her son for me to cuddle and play with. Literally the best medicine. Love you big sister you are appreciated x ❤️❤️❤️ #family #nephew #wisdomteethremoval #love

I have to admit my dental surgeon is pretty awesome! When I first saw my tooth lying on this gauze I exclaimed "that's pretty fucking big" before catching myself halfway to apologise for swearing so loudly.... Dr Wong laughed and exclaimed back "it is pretty fucking big comparatively"... #toothextraction #wisdomteethremoval #gottafindthehumor #dentist

Number one wisdom tooth is out! As per usual with dentist it's the needles that are the worst part... apparently I have strong bones as my tooth didn't want to come out! Once the extraction actually started it took all of 15 mins so definitely could have been worse!! This picture was taken in the chair after a double novacaine injection while listening to Vini Vici! I knew I would be numb but I certainly wasn't expecting to get a bit of a buzz on! #dentist #novacaine #wisdomteethremoval

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