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Happiest of birthdays to my constant in everything!! Our friendship has withstood the test of time!! Bet you’re mad at me right now while saying, “thank God for puberty.” HAHAHA! I’ve known you practically my whole life! Growing up with you has made my life more fun and bearable. You bring sunshine to everyone who’s gone through your path. You give love so fully and wholeheartedly. Your good soul just radiates and penetrates through everyone’s lives you’ve touched. You are a rare gem in this world and I am/we are just so lucky to have you in/our lives. Words won’t ever be enough to express my love and gratitude for having you in my life!! 💗 If only I’m into girls, I’d whisk you away and marry you. 😏😉 HAHAHA. I love you so much, babe! Always. 🤗 I wish you all the best because you deserve nothing less! I’ll see you soon! ❤️

You’ve been in the shelf for far too long, it’s time I take you out.

‪A rare display of extreme vulnerability: These are the exact words I told my dad the first time I dreamt of him (five days) after he died.‬
“So much healing with so little spoken.”
#TheShack is everything and more.‬

#ThrowbackThursday eh? 👙😂

Future home must-have 💕

Ceejay's post-birthday celebration!! ❤️

Happiest of birthdays to one of my go-to persons!! I love you for so many things—for always being there for me through my best and worst, for the small things we do together and talk about, for the laughters and the tears we share—but most of all, I love you for just being YOU. You're the selfless person I've ever met, the one with the most genuine of hearts. You deserve nothing but THE best that this world can offer because you give nothing but your best as well. I LOVE YOU, BABE!!! I'm always gonna be a constant in your life as you are to mine! ❤️

We can't get photos right. Happy birthday to the best girl cousin. ❤️

It's possible that we posted almost the same group photos haha! But this is an appreciation post for my family outside of my actual blood family. I've been blessed with the best people anyone could ever ask for. They're the most genuine, selfless, and loyal of people. I'm awfully lucky to have them in my life. Over the weekend, we've reached a point where we actually saw each other in our worst, and we even loved each other more because of that. They literally bring out the best and worst in me. And this post is becoming sappier in every passing second. Haha! Ending this by saying: I'll love you, girls, until my last living breath. ❤️ (hope to have Shanina and Vea with us the next time!!)

Over the course of the weekend, how was it even possible that we don't have a picture taken together other than our road photo? Doesn't matter because we'll have a thousand weekends and weekdays together—in this lifetime and the next. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE!! 🎉 Through the good times and the bad, you've always had my back. Even if you don't, which I know is never gonna happen, I have yours as well. You'll never be without me; I'll be a constant fix in your life. I wish you nothing but happiness and all the good things this world has to offer you. I love you so much! Have a blast! You deserve nothing less. ❤️

Lazy Sunday bumming.

Well, hello there.

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