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going to #DC for the #peoplesclimatemarch?? check out these events preceding the actual march starting this thursday!! @hiawathasmalls @urbannativeera #ClimateAction
#PeoplesClimateMarch #DefendProtectResistRenew #IndigenousClimateAction

can't remember the last time i was so moved by digital art. link in bio. thank you and mad respect @jonboogz @lilbuckdalegend @daiscreates @youroldornewfriendrafe #bryanstevenson

lay in the surrender. all that no longer serves may slip away. there is no time now, to be distracted with mind induced fictions. we must rise as a whole being, to become a whole people. #uptous

not too late to join us for a heart opening, unifying experience in the sacred soils of #AZ!!

how we feel about @manaolahawaii and his swoon-worthy fashion line. wear your ceremony. wear you. do you. #lusting #newwardrobe #jumponit #onesiesalldayeveryday

if yer around tonight at 5pm EST, jump on this call! all chapters gathering to discuss the power our individual AND collective voices hold, as well as introduce some, may i say, very exciting organizational tools!! viva la revolución!! @ourrevolution #democracy #uptous #standtogether #wegotthis @ninaturnerohio @lucyfloresnv @benjealous #mikeconnolly #larrycohen

this is our fifth! (was corrected) movie together. feeling pretty damn lucky to be working with my homie again. also, feeling pretty damn jelly of his natural surfing skills. he's, like, real good you guys. 📷: @keleigh_sperry #milesteller #adrift

to the bloods flowing between each and every queendom and kingdom on this planet, mahalo for your lessons. we are all connected. there will be no saving of this earth, until we begin to remember who we truly are, and until we begin to live with joy and with kindness in our hearts. find your fam--the roots that ground you. then, hold your arrow true. and, laugh. laugh, A LOT! we got this baby! #earthday @hawanemusic @malialia #maunakea #alohaaina #love #cantstopwontstoo

welcoming in earth day like, "ain't every day about this beautiful mama?!"

dat green grass groove @brentbielmann

the other night, my sister @malialia and i stopped by a town hall to listen to Congresswoman @tulsigabbard speak about many important issues. i was blown away by how many people in the community showed up to ask her questions, share their concerns, speak about their hopes for the future of Hawai'i and our country. @tulsigabbard listened to the community members and vowed to continue fighting for the rights and health of our nation and these islands with aloha. THIS is what democracy looks like. THIS is how we will heal our nation-wide wounds and move forward in a good way. can we count on YOU to attend your next town hall, wherever you may live? show up, ask your representatives questions, be proactive with your needs, and hold our politicians accountable. we elect these people to work for us in the rooms we don't have access to. they need to hear our voices to know what to fight for when they return to DC. thank you, @tulsigabbard and the communities of Oahu for inspiring me with your deep commitment to progress and democracy!

mahalo feet for where you've brought me. how you've taught me. who you've sought for me. this heart is a mirror of your lines, ever growing. where would i be without you? taking moments to breathe deeply and appreciate the smallest (yet often most important) treasures our bodies possess offers a healing most profound, and a perspective most widened. #medicine

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