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Modern Ginza.

Captured by aspiring photographer @amir_zafiq
#tokyo #ginza #japan

Classic Ginza.

Beautifully captured by aspiring photographer @amir_zafiq
#tokyo #ginza #japan

Even in silhouette, I would still want to smile earnestly.

Thanks to @afifaaaaahm for capturing this beautiful moment.

You Are the Reason - Calum Scott (cover)

#calumscott #youarethereason #song #cover #coversong #acousticguitar

“And we're all under the upper hand
Go mad for a couple grams
And we don't want to go outside tonight
And in a pipe we fly to the Motherland
Or sell love to another man
It's too cold outside
For angels to fly”

Ed Sheeran - The A Team

has it been a year already? 📷: @idhamsyahmi

Akiba Akihabara
📷: @_fadilmahat_
#akiba #akihabara #japan

Hello Tokyo
📷: @asfaiznism
#japan #tokyo

Bangkok is indeed a very beautiful place. It can be a little bit messy but still it’s beautiful. Things you could not find anywhere in safe, clean Japan.
I like the architecture; the buildings are mesmerizing and built well to the very-detailed fragments, preserve for the eyes of the outsiders, and juniors.

But the most thing I am fond of is, the locals. They smiled a lot, and the smiles sparkled earnestness and felt warmth. Be it the cashiers working at the convenience stores, the aunties selling fresh-cut fruits by the busy streets, the uncle who greeted me by the King’s monuments, the Tuk-tuk drivers who smiled excessively, the pizza hut workers taking my orders, my airbnb host who spoke manglish-like accent, the promoter at a electronic shop who hurriedly lending me his charger when my phone’s battery died, the westerners riding the Tuk-tuk side by side with mine, who called me out on street “Tuk-tuk!”, a petite girl who timidly looking and smiling at me when I was having my lunch, and the foreigner I met at metro station who nervously explaining me the Bangkok’s train system. They were pretty much the same, of reminding me of my home, and reflecting compassion i would get to linger in sweetness of home.

#bangkok #thailand #visitthailand #people #asia #streetphotography #shotoniphone #タイ

One of the best spots I’ve been in Japan. Featuring two girls with kimonos (I think?). I personally think that girls who wear kimonos will get themselves cuter by 50% I wonder why, though? #japan #explorer #optoutside #worldshotz #exploretocreate #discoverearth #travelphoto #globe_travel #theglobewanderer #shotoniphone #mobilephotography

Just had the time and chance to post this picture from Nagoya. Nice meeting my japanese old friend (it had been 1 year) and Nagoya was awesome (especially the food) 😘 #japan #nagoya

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