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I 🍩 care 🤘  How do i even have followers? Like, are you aware i'm a loser? 🤓 💭 blogger, creative, model 👻 Snapchat - svradford 📧 shaevictoria@outlook.com


Chill baby, its only chaos

Ran into trouble on the red carpet last night @sam88moore #maximhot100

But If he drops my name then i owe him nothin'
And if he spends my change then he had it comin'

Get ya birthday on!! Happy birthday to one of my all time favs @brendanpaige #lifeofabarebutter

It wasn't going right so i just took it left

Im not sure the wounds will ever heal in the places your love once lived.. like the curve of my side where i cradled you like my baby that you were ..my neck where you buried your little face each night as you chased rabbits in your dreams ..my arms that could never tire of cuddling you ..my lap that you seldom strayed from ..and this heart that will forever ache for you, beating to 'why nows' and 'what ifs'..
I often used to joke that i wasn't sure which of us needed the other more. I know now for certain, it was I that relied so heavily on the comfort that was you. Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far will always be you @oscar.the.pomtzu #loveofmylife

Afternoons in the park with Lala #auntyshae

Laying my best friend to rest yesterday was easily the hardest thing ive ever had to do. I feel empty, without purpose and out of place without him here with me. My life will forver be broken into 2 parts.. before and after Oscar #onetruelove

Cops used to stop me and say 'I need your name and address'
I would say 'Usain Bolt', then I gave it the legs

I feel weird 🤓

I have a tendency to push away the things i want, because i often want them too much.
And too much scares the hell out of me ..because people often lose themselves in wanting too much.

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