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You gotta get older and colder.. ♋️💕

You never know how weird you is until you have kids that act just like you 😩😂 #WildWithStyle #ShaeShaeKidz

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Let me tell you about a story that’s really into me..
& don’t confuse it with begging for no sympathy..
Because my future is a job that God has outdone..
& it feel good to be here, knowing where I come from..
I was raised in Georgia, down there in the peach city..
But I’m from the Chi, I came home when that heat hit me..
It was summer, me and my family was in a hotel,
They say a Junkie got mad cause she couldn’t pay the bill..
She had threatened to burn it down to the ground,
They used that against her now she screaming “FREE ME” now..
That ain’t even the worst part,
Let me tell you how it involve me..
That fire got started when we was all sleep.. Smoke so thick and poisonous and we breathing it all deep..
I went to sleep it was 6 of us, when I woke up it was all me..
Now I’m in Grady,
knowing nothing but that the Lord saved me..
I’m asking for my momma, but they steady got me waiting..
My Godmomma came first,
But I didn’t understand what she was saying.,
Cause in between her words, she was crying that I made it🙌🏾..
Now my auntie & granny there, in they eyes I see the aching.
They tell me that they funeral was two weeks ago while I was sedated..
Now I’m stuck, I can’t think, I felt my heart breaking..
Because “Not my mother, Lord”
Plus my brother and sister was some babies..
My step daddy was loved & my uncle was smooth and crazy..
Wonder what we did so bad that we had to go out blazing?
But I know to never question God cause he make no mistakes.. He gave me angels to guide me each step of the way..
He gave me 2 kids that got my siblings same face..
He gave me REBEL VIBEZ during every risk I take..
Now it’s 11 years later,
A thousand tears later,
But I’m still getting greater with the days.. #MyTestimony #June7th #IWillNeverForget 💯🕊🔥

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He think he got flow 😭😭😭😭

I Am Rebel Vibez🌹 #GM #DmForPurchases

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R E B E L 🦅 V I B E Z..
Y’all tooo dope 🤟🏾.. Join the wave.. DM for purchases.... #TheRebelWay 🔥

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