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Shae DeTar  Stepping away from my photo career to pursue a dream to train in classical drawing/oil painting for the next long while πŸ¦„


🌈 The women in this painted photo: @rebeccaa_jackson @supalonghaired #censorednudity

This 6 foot hand painted photograph I shot in England at Kensington Gardens of @skyevkb feels like a lifetime ago. Sometimes I reflect and think it is so strange to be on my new path. Because in the beginning you struggle a lot with your self doubt because of course you are learning the basics of classical drawing, perspective (which is so hard), values, proportion, learning to draw and paint believable value changes and shading...and sizing things up and or down...it's so much to learn. You push yourself because you know the foundation phase is vital to get you to the peak of realism in painting (of course this applies to most anything in life that takes hard work to learn). This week I had midterms and I've been sick, and on antibiotics but I haven't stopped to rest or had a day off in god knows how long. But I'm happier than ever...I'm living my dream of training to master representational oil painting. But from time to time I look at my old work and it feels like another life. I took for granted being fairly good at something. And during these phases of art training when I'm not great at anything yet...it's slightly comforting to see my painted photo work and say, hey babe, you'll feel at ease with representational oil painting one day. I forget it took me 6-7 years to get to that feeling with large painted photos. Time is a funny thing isn't it. I remind myself nearly every day to cherish the whole process. It's going to make me a great painter. One day. #littlebylittleonetravelsfar

Finally developed the rest of my film from my England and Iceland trip #censored #paintedphoto

After hearing a gallery dude tell me this piece was "weird" I decided to blow it up big, like 7ft big...because, Fuck that. I like weird. πŸ’— tunes: @50cent #cabinfever in the studio

I have to varnish it now, but this 37x55.5" photo is hand painted full of color now and it's almost done.πŸ˜‰ (#censored )

Isolation coats done and onto varnishing. Last part of the equation. Then this baby is finito 🌈 I changed this piece a bit from previous times..I made it much darker overall with charcoal and made the blues and reds darker too. Giving it a slightly different vibe, (sorry for the censor dots 🐼). #studiovibes

Working on some commissions in the studio today...here's a 5.5ft of 'Tanglewood' I'm just starting. Feeling Nostalgic lately and listening to tunes from my teen years. @greenday today. πŸ˜‰

Thanks @i_d + @chanelofficial for the lovely interview and sharing my work with people. β˜€οΈπŸŒ» ID mag & Chanel partnered together to form #thefifthsense celebrating female creativity. ❀️️ thanks so much @sreddeer 😘 Link in bio

Finally finished 'Dream', a piece commissioned by a lovely @annedorthes from Denmark. Now I just have to varnish and let it dry! 🌻🌺🌷

missing these mountains with an old pal @dee_larsen hand painted film photo

'Lips' 40.223x60" painted photo, mounted. I'm standing next to it in my studio to give you an idea of scale. 😜 🌈

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