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Festin with the homie..

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So we’re here today at @vintagegardenkitchen with another edition of #goinggreeninneworleans .
They offer many options from salads, wraps, soups, smoothies, and more. They also serve both breakfast and lunch. A lot to choose from, but I ended up going with the Balsamic wrap with Grilled chicken on a Spinach tortilla. It turned out to be a great choice! Fresh romaine lettuce, apples, pecans, carrots, and onions just to name a few. It was topped with Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette.. like my favorite dressing now days! 🤤
It came up to about $11 and some change.. the added grilled chicken was an extra $2.. but well worth it!
Check out @nicolette_colly to see what she got and experienced from her end!

Who else is this?! 🙋🏾‍♂️
😫🤦🏽‍♂️ #tacotuesday 😒🌮

Lunchtime in NOLA..
Here at @swegskitchen for this delicious Black Bean Mushroom Burger on whole wheat bun.. paired with a House Salad topped with Apple Balsamic vinaigrette dressing!
Washing it all down with a Strawberry & Honeysuckle Kombucha! 😋 .
Make sure you follow @goinggreeninneworleans so you can find out about all the hidden gems that the NOLA area has to offer!!

It requires everything you have within you to reach the type of levels we’re striving for.. Keep up the hard work my brother!

Special thanks to @lululemon for this amazing opportunity to partner with @uccnola and work alongside some awesome individuals today for their Community Build Day!
Working side by side with some great kids doing major things for an even greater cause!
Check out @uccnola for they are doing some incredible things in the community!

#FBF with these 2 beauties! Always the best times when we link up! Like super trill! ♠️♠️

We’re back with another edition of #GoingGreeninNewOrleans @goinggreeninneworleans tour with @nicolette_colly
This time we visited @goodkarmanola
This was definitely a great menu and we wanted to try everything 😩 but of course had to choose! I ended up going with the Avocado toast which was a great choice! Only came up to about $7 and some change .

@goodkarmanola has breakfast all day, smoothies, juices, soup, salads and sandwiches. The atmosphere is calm and the music is on point. It’s not far from downtown and it has its own parking lot. No excuses, a smoothie is fast food too! Don’t forget to see what @nicolette_colly had!!

WOW! A year ago on today! Time flies!
@nicolette_colly I think we’re long overdue for another 🔥🔥 session! 👀👀

You still with us? @nicolette_colly and I are still #GoingGreenInNewOrleans Next up...Whole Foods. Along with healthy groceries and goodies, their hot and cold bars offer lots of fresh options by the pound, and the “grab and go” section is pretty good.
This is the Magazine Street location, but there’s one on Broad St. and in Metairie. We will visit those! Don’t worry! • •

I made a Blackened Chicken salad at the Salad bar.. all fresh ingredients! My meal came up to about $9 and some change and that included the water.
Not bad at all! The patio is also relaxing and nice. Sit outside! Get your vitamin D! Hop over to @nicolette_colly to see what she got. It’s fast food without the cholesterol and fat. They also label all the ingredients on the prepped food. No excuses!!

Another @ccc10k in the books! #equipfam showed out today in full force and represented for those who couldn’t make it!
It was definitely a great time and a major accomplishment for everyone who crossed that Finish Line! Not too many feelings better than that!

But when you talk performance.. you’re talking @jyoung868
Everytime we link up for a session it’s all about taking it up a level above the last.. and we accomplish the goal every single time!
Here’s some highlights from our recent session.. We ate.. who doing the dishes!? 🍽🥣
#equipfit #theynotdoingwhatwedoing

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