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Shannon "Shadow" Carruth  ------------ Tattooing in Brisbane @valleyink Send me a DM or call @valleyink for bookings -------------

Got the chance to finish these roses for @hayleymarie1853 :) Thanks again for the super fun tattoo! (Lines healed shading fresh)

Cute little bee for @miribelle16 recently :) If you want a tattoo big or small just let me know!

Too weird? You can get this tattooed or buy it as art, DM me! (I used The Veiled Virgin as reference)

I love how open minded all my clients are! Heres a new one for @letishamorrison that is a definite favourite of mine :) (design based on a @johnnygloom tattoo)

From my flash wall for @breebee1233 :) Swipe for black and white!
I have a lot more designs and am constantly adding more, swing by @valleyink to have a look!

Available :) Slide into my DMs!

Healed on @harleymann_ for a while, thanks bro :) Always keen for dark, mystical tattoos!

For @seb.png recently :) More coffin tattoos please! #yeeeewwwwwww

Sailor Jerry swallow as a walk in last week :) Watch this space for what we add above it this weekend!

I have this weird, mystical, japanese-ish design available, looking for a home, for cheap :) DM me if you want this or have your own weird idea!

Palm tree for @nikkiritaa from last week :) Design based on a band logo

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