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Shannon "Shadow" Carruth  Find me at @vintage_lane_tattoo Send me a DM for bookings 😊😊😊 .

Just some of the flash I have available :) Hit me up or come in to @vintage_lane_tattoo to book or see more!

Flash design 😊 I love doing matchsticks, come get one!

Traditional thai tiger for my man @vidakovic44 :) I love thai/tibetan imagery so hit me up if youre keen!

@theamityaffliction lyrics, wrapping around the neck :) I love doing lettering!


For @amberrjadee_ last week :) Come get that idea you like but, made custom for you!

For my love @emilyfrankmakeup :) I have lots more flash like this if you want to get something original! #shadowsticks

Fresh cowboy boot, for my friend @lizvegas92 :) She did not flinch or complain once! And we did another tattoo before this one! Girl power yo!

Available :) I have 100s of ideas if you ever wanna stop by and have a look!

Healed, no touch ups, no filter 😊 (ice cream cone not by me)

For my buddy @jct_tattoo recently :) Please excuse the shine πŸ˜…

Super fun tattoo for @kyle_badiou :) No edits, filter or any of that stuff

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