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Shannon "Shadow" Carruth  I could be cool on the internet but I'd rather do a good tattoo Tattooing in Brisbane @valleyink Send me a DM or call @valleyink for bookings .

For my buddy @jct_tattoo recently :) Please excuse the shine 😅

Super fun tattoo for @kyle_badiou :) No edits, filter or any of that stuff

Available. Let me know :)

Nothing better than a rose on the hand, let alone when you get to do it on your boss / friend / nice guy @shaded_perception 😊

For Sian recently :) Im always down to do a rose! (Swipe for the unedited picture)

All healed for @ayden_hall with some new white highlights :) Based on a design he loved that I cleaned up for him (and can do the same for you)

Spoken for! Better luck next time :)

Healed for @reapingmona :) We did a few touch ups in the yellow and blue and the black clouds, just to smooth things out a little. Let me know if your tattoo need 30 minutes of tlc!

Healed for @bennn142 from the convention :) Always down to do my flash and I have plenty of it!

No filter, no edit, no nothing. Bioshock piece based on fan art but redrawn to tattoo by me :)

Custom design I have available :) Send me a message!