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Watching a bit more anime again only meant It was a matter of time til I got truly trashed on something enough to make me buy some kind of merch after AGES of not buying anything at all! I think I held off long enough pretty well if I do say so myself lol #Saekano was the one to break me. I don't know if I regret watching this now HAHA! Like I picked up Utaha then found myself buying the second and THEN I couldn't have two out of the three... so here I am with all THREE I NEED HELP going to go into a downward spiral from here I feel LOL! #Nendoroid #figures #anime #stuff

#FF30th Distant World always turn out to be a long day although it was worth so no complaints! They played so many good tracks that they had not played at any London show before and Torn from the Heavens from FFXIV is easily my favourite from the night! Also visited the Pop up shop where I got to meet Ichiro Hazama the producer of #FinalFantasy Dissidia got an awkward photo with him and Hashimoto as he turned up as a surprise guest to the store LOL now it's time to chill #videogames #orchestra #life #FinalFantasy

Still amazed I actually got #dothackGU for PS4 LOL thought this would never happen! Also picked up the #Persona5 artbook and I'm not to sure why but it's now apart of my life #PS4 #VideoGames #games #Atlus #Persona

I don't really post pics of myself that much but once in a while is okay I guess

Got #DanganronpaV3 now the task of ending the game before someone does that for you on social media lol. Was in two minds about the #MiniSNES but definitely made the right choice with a fair few classic RPGs on it to run through and I can always add more games to it! And ofc #SenranKagura is legit standard LOL #PS4 #PlayStation #Nintendo #videogames

I don't know how I am going to juggle both #DragonQuestXI and #Destiny2 (yeah, yeah I know) but I will make it happen! DQXI is pretty good so far! Really like how vibrant the world is and how it is a true classic JRPG on a next gen console #IAMJUDGINGMETOO #videogames #Playstation #JRPG #RPG #PS4 #SquareEnix #Sony #Bungie #games #DQXI

Time to see the hype for #Undertale and grabbed #SonicMania for the switch. I would never play it otherwise on an actual home console. Played a little bit of both and got to say really liking Sonic Mania the way the momentum is never really lost and the music you need to check it out! As for Undertale, I can see myself really getting into this! Already digging the creativity of it all and the bullet hell patterns! #NintendoSwitch #PlayStation #VideoGames

That feel when you have to bulk an order up (the shirt) to justify the £5 shipping fee for a small boxed expansion to the #Chocobo Crystal Hunt game the game is to fun not to pick it up! Happy #FF30th I guess LOL #FinalFantasy #shirt #TCG #postagestuff

#FFXII TZA is a CLEAN remaster! I don't remember anything about XII in general except a few reasons as to why I didn't enjoy it but this was when it first released. As of now starting again I'm getting into the game! That x4 is a god send it honestly helps the game flow better imo gets a bit crazy but nothing to crazy that you’re unable to manage and having a reorchestrated OST really adds to the world! Hated the English voices one of the reasons I hated the game never paid attention to the story because of it but the game has dual audio! The Japanese is so good and I can actually focus on what they are saying than me just judging their voices like why. Story will hold off judgment til I have completed the game. Battle system isn't as bad as I remembered for being a MMO type system think it is the years #FFXIV factoring in here and some #FFXI
#PS4 #SquareEnix #videogames #games #FinalFantasy

Got the #Persona5 platinum finally! Not gonna lie the game pretty much consumed my whole free time out of work xD didn't really focus on much else throughout April had to force myself to go out at times LOL Gonna finally start putting some time into other things now once I have figured what I have exactly been ignoring that needs my attention... Starting with two posts I was supposed to do here but never got around to it!
First thing about a week or two back was that I went to see FEMM live with this DJ Called Shirobon playing a set as an interval which was LEGIT hype recommend giving him a listen and FEMM were great especially thier choreography like it's one thing seeing it in their PVs but live is so much better and second I got two new switch games picked up Puyo Puyo tetris kind of a random buy tbh not sure why I bought it and got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe like there is no way you can own a switch and not have this game #videogames #life #music #Nintendo #Atlus #Nowwhat #playstation #PS4 #trophies

#Persona5 take your heart edition arrived mainly got it for the bag tbh lol and I got #KingdomHearts 1.5+2.5 I only bought it for the art print not really so much for the game itself since I own both on PS3 but do plan to replay KH1 again at some point. But damn Persona 5 is pretty awesome so far I am digging how story focused it is right now and how fast and fluid the battle system is for a turn based system where at times I don't even feel like I am playing a turn based game! #videogames #PS4 #playstation #life #games #stuff

Went to the #KingdomHearts Orchestra tonight and I cannot believe some of the tracks that they played like wave of darkness as that was really amazing to hear but I had to laugh how Atlantica got that 5 second or so less track time xD The character dialogue that is KH3 filler was blended perfectly into the music, Xion's one was total feels! I just really want KH3 now but I know it's not any time soon LOL also picked up a shirt like it had to be done! #videogames #playstation #life #music #games

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