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Panda  Peaceful loving father & husband Officail retailer of : North genetics Fastbuds Grow tek/ style: Notill Knf Hydro Chef Jadam Mycology

Love it πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’š

Funniest thing about pandas is they struggle to show every part of them selves..... Keep playing and laughing as if a game and I'm nothing. Going to be shocking when I prove you wrong. Fucked up part is why act like a homie to the face?(snake actions?) God damn breh there are tales you haven't seen or heard. Catch ya at some cups this year..... Lets see that whole line all "real" dudes say. "If I got a problem ill come to you"....... I'm one with old morals. I'm the one who is same in front of all eyes rather then a few. And I'm the one to show you your full of shit. "Real recognizes real"..... Fuck that bullshit. You recognize and judge based on what you see never the whole picture. Ain't no one been real with me that lol. Keep thinking I'm a bitch cause I said sorry lmao you'll find out that apology wasn't for you it was for the thoughts of what I should've done...... Fucking tired of all this fakeness among fucking adults..... Pull ya head out of ya ass idc how good you are better is always coming....... @evilninja420 they think they know panda, they think I'm soft homie lmao. Idk how you can think someone who has seen what we have soft lol but you know us playa!!!! Always down to be the underdog with a bite !!! O and the one this for knows who they are. Though if you like the shoes they yours too πŸ˜‚πŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‹ tired of being nice guy for that's that spit venom when they speak about me lol..... Fact is I prove all that I say and you haven't proven shit to me lmao

🚨🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨🚨 4 Bucket DWC System 🚨🚨 it's that time again to show some GLπŸŒ±πŸ’š to the community that showed me so much good luck to all #growyourown #dank #medication #wethepeople #fuckcancer #TokeAwayπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ βœŒπŸ’šπŸ˜
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3. Must have a current grow.
4. Pick a number between 1 - 800 and leave your # under my original post.
Winner will be picked by number generator 03/10/2018

First picture is of vault master orange and and better shot of trainwreck

Since hairs wanna orange it was hair cut day. Pruning went easy af and stick as shit dude lol can't wait for the shots. I prune when I see hairs turning not cause I think it is the end. Just a habit my mom got me into since hairs are turning she is fixing to give a huge energy burst so strip her and all the new growth gets the attention......

Poor trim job but sugary non the less train wreck for that wake and bake

That ole mountain toast for wife's wake, a caramelized onion and mushroom sausage crumble over some toasted old mountain bread. Bust them yolks and go to town!!!!

This "little rascal" decided to give me a funny one early today. As suggested by @mzsaysay_ 1 a day track. My angel now I know why my mom used to call me alfalfa lmao I never thought it was true till people tell me my duaghter looks just like me and I see shit like this lol.

Here y'all go! And a treat for @mrs.panda6969 when she see. That baby tearing it up even ripping little pieces. Very small

She loveeeees the pizza !!! Fresh baked brick oven style

Those Gg4 from fastbuds doing better then expected lol. I threw these in the pot the day I switched to flower. They have never seen more then 12/12 light and only did this cause I didn't want the empty space to just be empty space. I knew a photoperiod wouldn't be able to produce under 12/12 and that auto isn't affected by photoperiod effects so fuck it lol. Hash and I'm sure is will be some ok temps for hash. Nice bowl toppers

My favorite pet right now(blue cheesexblue tahoe) mainly off camera and here is why; Her fan leaves only have 1 blade a piece. Not by genetics but due to stressing the fuck out. I was trying a new early sex tek and about 1 week into "REVEG" was forced to transplant and flip flower 3 days after. If this baby ain't been threw enough shit. I had the brillent idea to prune from top leaves to bottom lol. Leaving bottom feeders but removing top feeder leaves.... This girl hasn't been touched since (1 month) and bro honestly if she don't throw nannas I'm fucking impressed as fuck with her. She reks and structure is great. Looks to be forming pretty solid and might be all 1 signal cola.... Lol my pet plant in watching very close. This is a tester strain and was requested for high stress well they got what they asked for and she is holding strong as fuck 4 or 5 weeks after the fact. She will get no more stress from training till harvest though. Soil is doing its thing and helping her with all this so I'm pleased with my eco systems and pretty confident to say they are doing fine as well.

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