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So sad to hear about the passing of our dear brother, the great, legendary Rachid Taha. I grew up on his music. A true musician, a real artist, a genuine soul and an outspoken human rights advocate who also championed the rights of Palestinians.
Rest in power. الله يرحمك

Pictured here more than a decade ago, performing with Rachid and my brother @eslam_jawaad .What a powerful moment and what an honor.
#rachidtaha #freepalestine #palestinian #arabhiphop

This picture is older than most of these new rappers. lol

Repost from my brother and one of BK’s dopest lyricists @g.o.d.pitchblack
#shadiamansour #arabhiphop #palestine #palestinian #throwback

One of my biggest inspirations. I learnt so much from her undisputed excellence. May her voice, activism and brilliance shine forever.
Rest in power to the Queen of Music.
#arethafranklin #queenofmusic #blackexcellence

Beautiful mural of Ahed Tamimi in Bethlehem, Palestine by graffiti artist @joritagoch
There are currently 291 Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons as detainees. All of which have been subjected to physical violence, verbal abuse, humiliation, intimidation, threats and inducement, solitary confinement, inadequate food and water supply, made to sign a paper with no access to counsel prior to interrogation, no lawyer or family present during interrogation, not to mention the traumas that these kids including Ahed suffer from as a direct result of these human rights violations. Although their resilience and bravery is above all of these violations mentioned, they are just children and are being punished for reacting to systemic oppression.
When you have hundreds of political prisoners, millions of refugees, an illegal siege of Gaza and its population, it’s called colonial occupation. Not a conflict.
Free all our political prisoners.

#ahedtamimi #freeallpoliticalprisoners #palestine #shadiamansour

Just a few pics from my shows in Marseilles and Paris with my fam @av.e.g.a and @itsmazzi
Thank you to all who bought tickets and packed the venues with your support. I appreciate every one of you! ❤️ Big respect to my sister @djmissyness who rocked the shows with us, @icfp_culture_palestine @petitbain and my brother Hazem Elmoukaddem for having me at the dopest venue in Marseilles (lemolotov). #shadiamansour #arabichiphop

You raised a generation of kings and queens who raised a generation of warriors.
#malcolmx #palestine #freepalestine #blackpalestiniansolidarity #happybirthdaymalcolmx

Photo credits:

#shadiamansour #arabichiphop #palestine #palestinians #hiphop

A "peace" deal that doesn't include the millions of refugees, lifting the siege off of Gaza, the liberation of our political prisoners, hunger strikers and Jerusalem as Palestine's capital is a deal only Israel and its Arab allies would accept.
Palestine is not for sale.

#jerusalem #palestine #farisodeh #jerusalemisthecapitalofpalestine

Had to stop by the office of my GUPS fam at San Francisco State Uni and remind them of how proud I am of them.
Thank you for creating a safe space for Palestinians on campus and for always standing your ground.
The Edward said mural is a victory for all oppressed communities around the world who have suffered from colonial rule and imperialist agendas.

#shadiamansour #gups #edwardsaid #arabichiphop #palestinians #sanfrancisco #westcoast

Been rocking the thawb since before it was a trend
Photo credits: @kyledidthis
#shadiamansour #arabichiphop #palestinians

Mexico is still recovering, Houston is suffering, Millions in Puerto Rico have been left without water and power, 15,000 people have been forced into shelters, housing infrastructure destroyed, food supplies and medicine limited and these morons are more concerned about who is "disrespecting the flag". Not rushing to the aid and rescue of your 3.4 million colonised citizens who are suffering a humanitarian disaster is disrespecting the flag.
Prayers to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Houston.
#prayformexico #prayforpuertorico

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