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🔽🔼šhăđăß šhâīķh 98🔽🔼  Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated😉, 28th Dec 🎂


Never Forget Who you are. 😎

Take a breath of fresh air..💙
#naturelover💚 #travelblogger🖤 #ooty💞

Travels doEsn't BeCoMe aN AdVentUre UnTil yOu LeAve YouRseLf BeHind
#ootydiaries❤❄ #QueensofBeauty
#NaturesLove #greenary🌳

Not Everyone Will Understand You That's Life.......

Be somebody Nobody Thought You Could Be 👑

Down To The Earth But Still Above You All...

I'm a free spirit with expensive tastes..! #The end of 2k18.

Words are enough to express the feeling of heart,
so thank you for your kind words and beautiful wishes, it really made my day memorable,

Dress like you are the boss

Walk Like You Are The King, Or walk Like You Don't Care Who Is The King.

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