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these days I can't really think of anything that I fear, and sometimes I feel like that in itself should scare me.
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we don't gotta be solo #35mm

the story and its writer //35mm

artwork by @betusharapatusha

what would I be without nights like these #35mm

fun with friends on film #35mm

I've been thinking a lot lately. how strange it is to even have thoughts. how all thoughts are different thoughts and not one person thinks identical to another. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much influence the little voice in our heads has over our entire lives, and how each of us have our own little voice giving it's own unique opinion on every situation, and how that shapes our truths as we know them. how certain truths are only our own truth yet we reflect them onto others anyway, without acknowledging their truth. I've been thinking a lot about the complexity of environment and upbringing and it's relevance to how a person thinks, how certain scenarios can completely change someone's whole outlook on life. how different you are from me, I am from her, she is from him, and they are from us. I've been thinking a lot lately. I've been thinking a lot about us.

pretty girls put boys in cemeteries
I keep killers with me
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I miss the way you taste
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lies on your lips but love in your eyes, knowingly capable of being my bittersweet demise.
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life has been so good lately. slowly but surely removing all the toxic people and habits from my life and I haven't felt this great in a long ass time. I have the best friends I could ever ask for and though life can be a shit show sometimes, you just gotta take what you can get from it. a new perspective is all it takes to change a shitty attitude. here's to new beginnings, sorry for being cheesy but sometimes it's called for.

as soon as you realize/ remember that literally nothing matters besides your own happiness, everything becomes a whole lot easier.
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