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daydreaming of something we could be but won't be
🎞 @brunoroids

I lit a flame to the old me, in the ashes I was reborn.
🎞 by my favorite @brunoroids ✨

happy earth day, mama, sorry us humans suck so bad and ruin everything. I hope one day we all die off and your natural beauty and potential is restored. πŸ’“ #protectplanetearth #thisplanetdoesntbelongtous
🎞 @what5ever

oh this must be what heaven is like
πŸŽžπŸ’š @what5ever

baby let me be your star
✨🎞 @what5ever

we had an Indian summer in the middle of February, I was drinking pink wine in the backyard with the sun beating down on me.
photo by my love @what5ever
lyrics by @kiraliane πŸ’“

the calm after the storm
from last spring- 🎞 by @carmine_vision

in @ninobrand πŸ₯€
photo by @mariaqualtieri

gimme warmth n some carrots pls
🎞 @dontsleeponsarah

am I getting closer?
will I ever get there?
does it even matter?
πŸ“Έ @_emkae_

I made this collage for fun during my shop class when I was in a Junior in high school and I just found it in my email and smiled bc memories and growth ☺️

crash into me

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